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Mauritius organize a festival this year To promote tourism

Mauritius organize a festival this year To promote tourism


Almasalla Travel News – Minister Michael Sik-Yuen, the Mauritius Minister responsible for just weeks ago. He said that now he will be organizing a festival in Mauritius this year.Tourism, has been quoted in his island’s L’Express newspaper as having come back on an earlier decision he has stated in Parliament


Robert Desvaux, the dismissed Chairman of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), whose idea the festival was, said that he was happy to hear that the Mauritian Minister had reversed his decision and that the Festival of the Sea would now be held in Mauritius.


Last year Mauritius organized a carnival as had been taking place annually in Seychelles. Mauritius staged an acceptable event for the Mauritians whereas Seychelles keeps on promoting a carnival where the best carnivals of the world all parade together followed by cultural troupes from the Community of Nations.


The carnival in Seychelles is listed as the island’s event that appears on the Vanilla island’s Calendar of Events as does the Tourism Fair in Madagascar and the Abolition of Slavery Day in la Reunion.

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