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  The Hippodrome Casino & Club Liberte Casino: Marketing















Saint Ange Tourism Report2nd April 2018

  The Hippodrome Casino & Club Liberte Casino: Marketing




‘London’s Biggest Night Out’ in the heart of Leicester Square, the Hippodrome Casino – – is a stylish, quirky and grand casino with something for everyone. Open 24/7 with free entry and the best steak restaurant in London, it’s not solely designed for gamblers. Whether visitors are looking to gamble, a cabaret show, live sports, cocktails, event space or the best dinner around at the best prices, they have it all! It is also London’s most popular entertainment venue and has welcomed over seven million visitors since opening in 2012.



Boasting six bars, 24 hour food service, private dining rooms, a two tier outdoor smoking terrace, cigar bar, and an intimate 180 seat Music & Cabaret Theatre, there really is a lot to do there. Central to the casino is the Heliot Cocktail Lounge, a glamorous bar serving some incredible cocktails.


The Hippodrome is also bursting at the corset strings with burlesque, cabaret and live music performances in their Music & Cabaret Theatre. They are also a top destination for live sports in London with screenings of major sporting events. And if all that’s not enough, Lola’s Underground Casino in the basement is the first of its kind in the UK with live dancers in the centre of the gaming action, offering a true Las Vegas style experience. A fun, versatile and distinguished casino, one can never pass a dull moment at The Hippodrome.



What has this got to do with the Seychelles one might ask? Well, the Club Liberté Casino, the Seychelles’ premiere entertainment venue, has recently completed a mutual marketing agreement with the Hippodrome Group, designed to encourage their players to visit the Seychelles. The Hippodrome people want to look after their players, even when they are not in London, and even when they are on vacation. So they wanted a partner casino whereby their top players who wish to take a vacation where there will be a casino, could have the opportunity of coming to the Seychelles, where they would be received and looked after in the same manner as they would be in London.



The Hippodrome has similar agreements with several other major international casinos – in Las Vegas, in Morocco, on cruise lines, etc. and the Club Liberté Casino was very fortunate to be able to join with this exclusive group of casino operators.



Several weeks ago the Hippodrome held a presentation over two nights in London to which their major VIP players were invited. At this presentation, the partner casinos presented their product and showed why their destination should be considered by these gambler players. If some of these players can be persuaded to come to the Seychelles to visit the Club Liberté, they will not only play in the casino but will spend on other items – air fares, hotels, restaurants, local tourism, deep sea fishing, golf, etc. The possibilities are infinite as these are high wealth individuals who like to spend on quality. Of course, if they then visit the Seychelles and are satisfied, they will then spread the word to others. The Club Liberté management was personally at the presentations to discuss with the potential visitor players and to give a sell to the complete Seychelles product.



The Club Liberté was aided considerably by the Seychelles Tourism Board at this event, whose London office provided the necessary marketing collateral and whose London ladies were present each evening to spread the word about the Seychelles to these players. From the Seychelles, the Hilton Double Tree resort, the Four Seasons Resort, PADI Diving, the Seychelles Golf Club and Takamaka Distilleries also participated wholeheartedly, with marketing collateral and amazing draw prize offers for the players. The Hippodrome was so impressed with the Takamaka St. André Rum that was on offer to the players at the presentation that they wanted to feature, in the future, Takamaka rum in one of their top bar outlets.



This partnership is considered by the Club Liberté as an incredible opportunity to break into the UK market. This is not just to promote the casino but to promote the Seychelles as well. The feedback after the event was excellent from these VIP players and the Hippodrome wants to bring down a group of their VIP players at the end of May to the Seychelles and host them at the Club Liberté for a week. This is a great start to a fruitful relationship.





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