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Cooperation – Tourism / Culture..Meeting between La Reunion President Didier ROBERT and Seychelles Minister of Tourism Alain ST. ANGE

Cooperation – Tourism / Culture..Meeting between  La Reunion President Didier ROBERT and Seychelles Minister of Tourism Alain ST. ANGE






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News-  Didier Robert, the President and Senator of Reunion Island received on Tuesday the 4th October at Hotel de Region Pierre Lagourgue Alain ST.ANGE, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture who was on an Official visit to Reunion.


Present also at this meeting were Faouzia VITRY, the Reunion elected representative for regional cooperation and Jean-Claude PECH, the Seychelles Honorary Consul in Reunion. President Didier ROBERT and Minister ST.ANGE used this meeting to discuss the successes of their regional cooperation and the partnerships in place between the two islands.


At the meeting the Regional President of Reunion Island spoke about the development of cruise ships through the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Body and he congratulated the good existing cooperation that has resulted with Reunion Islands doubling the number of cruise ship passengers from 15,000 to 30,000 in less than two years.


Culture was also discussed at this bilatéral meeting: – the Festival Kréol of the Seychelles taking place at the end of October with the participation of member islands from the Vanilla islands.


Other cultural events discussed from the Vanilla Islands Callander of Events: – the Festival Liberté Métisse that is being organised by La Réunion in December. President ROBERT confirmed that for this 7th edition, China and South Africa have been invited as Guests of Honour.


Since 2010, Reunion moved to commemorate the abolition of slavery through this festival.  "This event is helping to get the cultural diversity of the island more appreciated" said President ROBERT


In ending the President of Reunion and the Seychelles Minister said that they hope to further strengthen the friendly ties between the two Indian Ocean Islands through new areas of cultural cooperation .





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