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ICAO Assembly elects new Council for three-year term

ICAO Assembly elects new Council for three-year term






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- Montréal,  – The 39th Session of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization completed the election of its new Council yesterday . The 36-member Council is the governing body of the Organization and is elected for a three-year term.


The election process was divided into three parts, with the following States elected:

PART I – States of chief importance in air transport
Australia*, Brazil*, Canada*, China*, France*, Germany*, Italy*, Japan*, Russian Federation*, United Kingdom*, and the United States*.

PART II – States which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for international civil air navigation
Argentina*, Colombia, Egypt*, India*, Ireland, Mexico*, Nigeria*, Saudi Arabia*, Singapore*, South Africa*, Spain* and Sweden.

PART III – ​States ensuring geographic representation
Algeria, Cabo Verde, Congo, Cuba, Ecuador, Kenya*, Malaysia*, Panama, Republic of Korea*, Turkey, United Arab Emirates*, United Republic of Tanzania*, and Uruguay.
*Indicates re-election.



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