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ATP-  arab tourism portal-PUTRAJAYA,-Tourism Malaysia is participating in this year s Royal FLORIA Putrajaya, Malaysia s largest flower and garden festival, with a unique pavilion themed “Back into Wilderness.” The design of the pavilion is inspired by the growing demand for luxurious outdoor experiences, a new niche tourism trend known as glamorous camping or “glamping,” that Tourism Malaysia is keen to promote.

This fairly new tourism trend has been gaining popularity worldwide for it elevates the typical ecotourism holidays to an indulgent experience by bringing the world of luxury into nature. Also known as luxury camping, glamping emphasizes unique accommodations that give discerning holiday-makers direct access to the outdoors without compromising on comfort, luxury and convenience. Imagine treehouses on private islands, romantic log cabins in tropical rainforests, and opulent tents under the stars, while service staff is at your beck and call to pamper and deliver your every whim and fancy.


Deputy Director General, Dato’ Haji Azizan Noordin, says, “With Malaysia’s rich biodiversity and numerous natural assets such as our pristine islands, 130-million year old rainforests, crystal clear rivers, and cool highland retreats, the possibilities to develop glamping as a niche tourism product are endless.”

He continues, “Tourists are becoming a discerning lot these days and they are willing to fork out thousands of ringgit for unique experiences, which translates into potentially high returns for Malaysia’s tourism industry.”

Dato’ Haji Azizan was at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya today to brief industry players and the media of the potential of glamping in Malaysia.










While it is a new concept in Malaysia, several accommodation operators have popped up offering unique nature-based experiences with the comforts of modern living. Among them are Canopy Tribes in Nusajaya, Johor, with their cozy set-up in cotton bell tents that bring to mind images of Arabian Nights under moonlit skies; and Sailor’s Rest which provides an experience of living in a village deep in the cool, misty highlands of Janda Baik, Pahang.

While current glamping options in Malaysia focus more on providing comfort and convenience, there are a handful few that offer more deluxe experiences such as Sekeping Serendah in Rawang, Selangor, with their mud and glass houses built by award-winning architect Ng Sek San within a small forest with waterfalls cascading nearby; and Japamala Resort in Tioman Island with their romantic treetop “love-nests” overlooking the blue seas below.

Caravan Serai and Tanah Aina are among the glamping accommodation operators who are participating in Royal FLORIA Putrajaya this year under the Tourism Malaysia pavilion. Both offer accommodations that allow holiday-makers to be near nature without the hassle of hauling tents and lugging heavy equipment.





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