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It is seem The pressure from India in their catchup drive with China sees Seychelles finally taking sides at the detriment of their sovereignty and independence. A military base by a super power will bring super power conflicts to their door step.

In our hands an confidential document leaked to us by the Indian Foreign Ministry reveal the mechanisms of Indian pressure exercised by India on the State of Seychelles for the survival of the Indian military base in its territory … regardless of the refusal of Seychelles to maintain a military base and the protests of citizens there.


The confidential document states which reads as follows:

regarding the ‘Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Republic of Seychelles on the Development of Facilities on Assumption Island, Seychelles’, singed at Victoria, Seychelles on the 11th March 2015


‘Considering that the Agreement has been signed between our two Governments for the development of facilities at the Asumption Island and recognizing the need to enhance the maritime surveillance and search and rescue capability in the region for the benefit of air and

shipping traffic, I have the honour to propose as follows: 

(a) That both Parties shall have the right to utilize the facilities developed under the Agreement, as and when required, by Government vessels and aircrafts, including military ships, aircraft and other platforms in support of the activities described in Article 2 of the above-refferred Agreement, free of charge.


(b) That the facilities constructed under the above-referred Agreement, may be utilized by bonafide commercial air and maritime traffic of the either Party or third ‘Party(ies)’ in accordance with mutually agreed procedures; and by military, quais-military or Government ships and aircraft of other countries, provided that such use is not inimical to the national interest of either Party.


Whenever these facilities are utilized by other countries, India will be kept informed in advance (as mutually agreed) of  the purpose and duration of the visit.


(c) That the Government of the Republic of India shall have the right to exercise criminal and/or disciplinary jurisdiction under the law of the Republic of India for any offence committed by any member of the Indian Armed forces and civilians positioned in Seychelles for any of the activities described in Article 2 of the Agreement. 


(d) That the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces deployed under the Agreement shall be allowed to wear uniform in Seychelles. They shall also have the right to carry arms in accordance with their genuine military needs such as:


(i) For military exercise;

(ii) For guarding of ships, watercraft, aircraft, vehicles, stores, equipment, installation and premises required and utilized for the Project;


(iii) For self-protection during periods of security threat or internal disturbances involving possible threat to security of personnel.


Provided that, the Indian side shall keep the Seychellois side informed of the details of such arms and ammunition landed ashore from Indian military craft at Assumption Island.


(e) That the Indian military forces may operate their communication facilities in support of the activities described in Article 2 of the above-referred Agreement.


(f) Official Indian documents shall not be subject to customs inspection.


I have the honour to confirm that the proposal in the above letter is acceptable to Government of the Republic of Seychelles, who therefore agrees that Your Excellency’s letter and this reply shall constitute an Agreement between the two Governments which shall enter into force on this date


»A replica of the document«



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