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MAS: School First Mid-semester break 2016 draws 2 million tourists

aTP- Arab tourism portal News- Domestic tourism throughout different parts of the Kingdom during the first mid-semester school break of 2016 has drawn over 2 million tourists, but there is a 11% decrease, compared to school first-term break in 2015.

Surprisingly the tourists’ expenditure rose to SR 1.9 billion with a growth rate of 14% as compared to the same period last year and an average expenditure of SR 987 per person per trip with a growth rate of 28% compared to same break in 2015.

The report which was released recently by the Tourism Information and Research Center (MAS), the SCTH statistical arm, revealed that, the rate of expenditure of inbound tourists whose number was estimated at 283,000 tourists, (a drop of 46% compared of same time break last year 2015) reached SR 1.2 billion, with a 47% drop compared for the same period 2015. The average spent per person per trip was SR 4,535 with a drop of 2.26% same period last year.

The report indicated that, the overall average room occupancy in hotels in the Kingdom during November 2016 m which corresponds with the mid-first semester break had reached 67.3%, where Makkah ranked first by 79.3%, with a room average price at SR 373, followed by Riyadh with 78.3% and a room average price of room reaching SR 425, then it was followed by the Eastern province with 77.1% and the average room price at SR 334.

Tourism activity indicators show during the first mid-semester break this year, the overall average occupancy of furnished housing units in the Kingdom during November 2016 was 62.7%. Eastern province came first with 79.3% with an average room price of SR 275, followed by Al Baha with 70.6% with an average room price of SR 231, followed by Jazan 67.7% with an average room price of SR 288.

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