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Saint Ange Tourism Report 29th October 2017



Welcome to Edition 21 of 29th October 2017

It was only earlier this year that I promoted the concept of ‘Tourism for All’ as I campaigned in the different parts of the world for the seat of Secretary General of the UNWTO. This was to promote a tourism industry without any discrimination, be it colour of the skin, religious belief, political affiliation, gender, disability, sexual preference etc.

These elections for the post of Secretary General of the UNWTO have now come and gone, and today we need to accept that what would be good for a better tourism industry is indeed good for the people as a whole. Comments about racism as an example is only segregation based on the colour of the skin and is always resorted to when all logical arguments are exhausted. These futile and racist slurs can be heard in the global political arena, even amongst certain UNWTO campaigners, but can also be heard in Seychelles by tired politicians who have no other cards to play.

As aptly stated by Kristen Butler on this topic:-

“The people who actively find faults in others are the same people who are completely blind to their own.”

Serious Journalists from around the world always target the perpetrators of such slurs in a bid to shame them for their narrow-mindedness. Saint Ange Tourism Report salutes Newswires like Tourism Tattler of South Africa, ATC News of Uganda and the Diary of a Muzungu also of Uganda, VoyagesAfriq of Ghana, ATQ News of Nigeria, Almasalla Arab Travel News of the Middle East, eGlobal News from Australasia, FTN News of Turkey, TravelVideo.TV of Canada, Indian Ocean Times of Mauritius and Riaz Nassurally also of Mauritius, Africa Travel of the USA, African Diaspora Magazine of the USA, the Global Wires eTN News & Travel Index and many others for standing against those advocating racism for greedy personal political gains.

Seychelles is going through turbulent times. The alarming rising cost of living and the pervasive threat to personal safety is worrying for a country with tourism as the main pillar of its economy. Simon Esparon, a hard-working Seychellois who, for the past 43 years, provided the locals and the tourism industry with a popular nightclub, tragically lost his life in his family home after returning from work in the early hours of the morning on October 22nd.

Simon Esparon

It is a fact that as life gets harder for the Nation, crime rates will be on the rise. As the local financial personality, Malika Jivan, rightly wrote just a couple of months ago, the Seychellois are now prisoners in their own home. We fully support the actions of the new Commissioner of Police, but we need the country to embrace the need to return to a state of normality. Cost of living must come down immediately, and local politics cannot be making it their mandate to inflame hatred and division in their very own Country. Seychelles has seen enough of this. As the priest said during the funeral of Mr. Simon Esparon, Seychelles has descended into a state of lawlessness and our people have forgotten their sense of morality.











Arrival in Seychelles of Austrian Airline




Austrian Airlines made its arrival in Seychelles recently after their exciting announcement made to the press well over a year ago. They arrived full of eager passengers and it is said that the prospect of future bookings are excellent. It can even be said that tourism for Seychelles is so integral that it is the bread, butter, jam and even the hand that holds the bread. Today, every Seychellois needs, more than ever before, to stand together to protect and defend this industry that employs thousands of locals. It is also the industry where many Seychellois have invested their life savings. Increasing the tourism industry and its yield is a necessity, and this remains dependent on a good air transport policy for the islands as it does in operational costs.

Tourism and Civil Aviation need today to be dancing to the same Sega beat. Aviation in the Indian Ocean Region is working hard to find its rhythm, but challenges remain. Protectionism of National Airlines versus the importance of bolstering tourism and the economies of the islands are difficult discussions, but we learned a painful lesson when the Seychelles tourism suffered after a Russian Airline was refused 5th Freedom Rights to fly on to Mauritius after their Seychelles stop from Moscow. Seychelles is small and cannot expect to be the end of the line for all airlines. South-South air connections could see new Seychelles stops, but the golden 5th Freedom Right must be part of the Open Air-Space policy.

Today, the weaker Seychelles Rupee is helping pull in the visitors. However, the cost of operation in the islands is also on the rise because of the necessary imports to keep the tourism industry alive. The weaker Seychelles Rupee is also impacting on the lives of the Seychellois, the hosts to the increased visitor numbers. Data from ForwardKeys reveal continued strong bookings for Seychelles, but the ratio of profit versus costs for operations need to be monitored to ensure the win for the islands is a financial boom for all. This is why the new proposed taxes on salaries of those sitting in the upper salary bracket need to be revisited. The tax burden will need to be absorbed by the businesses and they will, in turn, pass it on to the visitors and this vicious cycle will end up pricing Seychelles out of the market. Instead of pointless politics and launching racial slurs in the National Assembly or in the local newspaper, politicians in Seychelles should be focusing on this real issue at hand, rather than hoping the problem goes away if little attention is drawn to it.

Kaven Parcou, a Seychellois Tourism Pioneer

On Friday the 27th October, I joined with the Tourism Industry and Members of the Car Hire Association, to be with the Parcou family and their friends when Seychelles said goodbye to Kaven Parcou at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Victoria. Kaven Parcou was a Tourism Pioneer in his own right. Born in 1941, he was a founding member of the Seychelles Car Hire Association. He passed away on the 20th October and leaves behind his wife, Rose, and son, Pryze. He joined the tourism industry with his two ‘Mini Moke’ vehicles when tourism started in earnest in the islands, and he saw his business grow to enable him to acquire the franchise of Avis Car Hire in Seychelles. Parcou was also the Philippines Honorary Consul in Seychelles. Today, as we share our sincerest sympathy to the Parcou Family, we can add that Seychelles lost a committed Tourism Pioneer.

The majority of Members of the Executive Committee of the Seychelles Labor Union (SLU) met last Friday morning at Dolce Vita in Victoria in their final preparations for meeting with the Registrar of Trade Unions on Monday the 30th October. The presentations of Registration Documents to the Registrar was to have taken place on Friday itself but was postponed to Monday at the request of the Registrar. Obtaining the necessary forms has been like pulling teeth, but the Committee Members of the SLU are taking note and ensuring workers are kept duly informed. It is reminded that the formation of a Trade Union by Seychellois is a fundamental right afforded by our Constitution, and to hinder the registration of this Trade Union is to trample upon our right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association under Article 23 thereof.

SLU Executive Committee at the Victoria Meeting

The Seychelles Labor Union (SLU) has said that they will be standing with all who are working and this includes the salaried employees as well as the self-employed businessmen and women of the islands. At the end of the day, everyone working are therefore workers, and they need a politically independent body to be by their sides and to uphold their rights in an age where politicians are too concerned with their own agendas to listen to the people who elected them into Office in the first place.

“The Seychelles Labor Union is already having opposition for their determination, but this is a sign of being effective. If there’s opposition, it means they are noticing change.”

Finally, it is important to again today acknowledge all who are diligently re-posting the Saint Ange Tourism Report weekly. Our Report ranges far and wide, from Australia to the Americas, from the Indian Ocean Vanilla islands to Africa & Asian and Greater Europe, with your continued support, which is greatly appreciated. You are helping us to go from strength to strength with each new Edition.

Enjoy the read,

Alain St.Ange
Saint Ange Consultancy

Bird-eating fish in Seychelles?

If there was one fish known for its extreme power and aggressiveness, it is the Giant Trevally (GT). These traits make this predatory fish highly prized by avid fishermen, especially in the fly-fishing Industry. Fly-fishing on the Outer Islands of Seychelles has been described as out of this world, where large specimens of GTs are often caught. It is the largest fish in the genus Caranx, growing to a maximum known size of 170 cm (67 in) and a weight of 80 kg (176 lbs).

Recently, these fish became even more popular as reports started emerging of them leaping out of the water to catch birds in mid-flight. Although seeming quite farfetched, a filming crew that were searching for extraordinary footage for the natural history series, Blue Planet II, decided to fly to Seychelles to investigate this previously unheard-of phenomenon further. What the crew witnessed next was described as “astounding”.

Series producer, James Honeyborne, said, ‘It’s one thing seeing a fish flying through the air, that’s unexpected enough, but then seeing a fish flying through the air and catching a bird in its mouth, wow… yep – a bird-eating fish”. Mr. Harborne went on to describe how the GTs would calculate the predicted flight path of the birds, before intercepting and eating its meal in one impressive gulp

Photo credit:

This unique behaviour has baffled the scientific community. Although there have been documented evidence of GTs feeding on small turtles and dolphins, catching birds in mid-air was previously unheard of by scientists. No scientific work, to my knowledge, has been done on the eyesight of GTs. The ability to possibly detect a bird’s flight trajectory is quite a unique feature. Though, from my experience and that of other anglers I have spoken to, when fishing for them it is observed that they do appear to have exceptional eyesight. Specific colored lures and flashy jigs tend to be the only bait that this fish species would prefer at a certain time of day. However, that being said, they may also be more reliant on detecting the sound of splash on the water surface that these artificial lures make, or might be detecting water pressure changes with their lateral line system.

Scientific work to track the movements of these amazing fish is currently underway in Seychelles. This research could possibly determine if GT arrivals around the Outer Islands coincide with that of the timing high bird activity/fledging. It could also determine whether this exceptional trait is distinctive to the GTs around the Outer Islands of Seychelles, adding to the hype and to the slogan of the islands: ‘unique by a thousand miles.’

A sneak peek into the amazing footage captured can be seen here

Article contributed by Ameer Ebrahim, Environmental Consultant

Seychelles loses a Pioneer in the Entertainment Industry

Simon Esparon’s Funeral Booklet

Last weekend, Simon Esparon, the man behind Katiolo NightClub – one of the longest-standing night clubs in Seychelles and a national treasure in its own right – tragically lost his life in his own home at the hands of another. This is an alarming state of affairs for our safety label, which we continue to boast at international Tourism Trade Fairs.
Katiolo, the unique open-air nightclub on Mahé, offers its varied clientele evenings of enjoyment with a distinctly creole touch and a lively ambiance. Katiolo Night Club is just one of Seychelles Islands’s many landmarks appreciated by local and foreign visitors to the islands.

Katiolo Nightclub

Simon Esparon launched this landmark entertainment venue 43 years ago. Aged 67, Mr. Esparon was a friend to many and beloved by all. He was also the respected local Butcher, who was passionate about his craft, with his shop located on the same grounds as his nightclub.

Simon Esparon leaves behind his wife Marie Josee, his sons, David and Denis, and daughter, Brigitte, as well as two grandchildren. The funeral ceremony at the St. Michel Archange Church at Anse Aux Pins on Thursday 26th October was a sad and emotional event. Both his sons and his daughter delivered touching eulogies, and his very young grandson addressed the gathered crowd as well. Father Lonie Adrienne used his sermon, in the presence of the Vice President of Seychelles and the Speaker of the National Assembly, to passionately lecture everyone on the dire need to rally as a Country to change direction from Seychelles’ current state of ‘lawlessness’ in order to see a return to safety and security, and to instil once again a sense of morality in the youth of our Nation. Father Adrienne spoke from his heart as he delivered a frank assessment of the situation on the ground in Seychelles.

The Saint Ange Tourism Report takes this opportunity to again express its sympathy to Marie Josee, David, Denis and Brigitte and their families and friends.


Saudi Arabia Just Announced Plans to Build a Mega City That Will Cost $500 Billion

Mohammed bin Salman on Oct. 24.
Photographer: Fayez Nureldine/AFP via Getty Images

A new city, called NEOM, to be connected to Egypt, Jordan is the plan for the latest mega project announced by the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the plans to build a new city on the Red Sea coast, promising a lifestyle not available in today’s Saudi Arabia as he seeks to remake the Kingdom to be able to face the new era.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the city project, to be called “NEOM,” will operate independently from the “existing governmental framework” with investors consulted at every step during development. The project will be backed by more than $500 billion from the Saudi government, its sovereign wealth fund and local and international investors, according to a statement released last Tuesday at an international business conference in Riyadh.

The new project “NEOM” of Saudi Arabia will likely surprise investors still trying to take stock of a series of major announcements made by the prince during his meteoric rise to power as he seeks to prepare Saudi Arabia for the post-oil era. In less than two years, he’s revealed plans to sell a stake in oil giant Saudi Aramco and create the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, and has ended a long-standing ban on female drivers.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, made a rare public appearance at the conference to promote the project, telling the bankers and economic policy makers in attendance that the kingdom is moving to a “new generation of cities.” NEOM will be powered by clean energy, he said, and will have no room “for anything traditional.”

The ambitious plan includes a bridge spanning the Red Sea, connecting the proposed city to Egypt and the rest of Africa. Some 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometers) have been allocated for the development of the urban area that will stretch into Jordan and Egypt.
Klaus Kleinfeld, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Siemens AG and Alcoa Inc., was appointed to lead the development of NEOM. SoftBank Group Corp’s Vision Fund signed last Tuesday an initial agreement with the kingdom’s wealth fund to buy a “significant” stake in state-controlled Saudi Electricity Co., and will provide energy for the new city. Saudi Arabia this year agreed to become a cornerstone investor in the Vision Fund.
The project “seems to be broadly modeled on the ‘free zone’ concept pioneered in Dubai, where such zones are not only exempt from tariffs but also have their own regulations and laws, hence operating separately from the rest of government,” said Steffen Hertog, a professor at the London School of Economics and longtime Saudi-watcher. “In Dubai, this has worked well”.

A promotional video released on Tuesday features a lifestyle so far unavailable in Saudi cities. It showed women free to jog in leotards in public spaces, working alongside men and playing instruments in a musical ensemble. The one woman wearing a hijab had her head covered with a patterned pink scarf.

The kingdom has already announced a plan to transform hundreds of kilometers of Red Sea coast into a semi-autonomous world-class tourism destination and governed by laws “on par with international standards.”

The unveiling of the new project comes as Saudi officials, almost two years into the latest reform drive, are still grappling with how to speed up change without crippling the economy and clashing with the kingdom’s conservative religious establishment.
“Saudi Arabia has announced a number of mega-projects recently, but what investors will ultimately look for is greater details, progress with plans and initial investment,” said Monica Malik, chief economist of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. And while the planned, more liberal, regulatory framework for the city “could be positive for streamlining investment,” it didn’t gain traction with previous economic cities developed in the kingdom, she said.
Prince Mohammed, who became heir to the throne this summer after his older cousin was removed from office, has vowed not to repeat past mistakes, insisting that his Vision 2030 will proceed regardless of oil prices. His government has cut subsidies, slashed spending to trim the budget deficit and it plans to introduce value-added taxation next year to raise non-oil revenue.
Hertog said investors will want to see whether “circumventing some of the slow mainline bureaucracy and general social restrictions in Saudi Arabia in a special zone” can work. “If this is to be an international hub, it needs to offer something better than Dubai, which is a high bar to cross,” he said.
The crown prince indicated he understood the challenge. “Dreaming is easy, achieving it is difficult,” he said.

Courtesy Bloomberg Business by Nour Al Ali, Vivian Nereim, Donna Abu-Nasr, and Zainab Fattah

Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Apartments, Anse Royale, Mahe

A property formally owned by Gills Nageon that operated under the name Drifwood Small Hotel has been fully revamped and is coming soon as “Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Apartments”.

With an eye for modern coastal design yet still reflective of the past, “Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Apartments”, a beachfront self-catering establishment has been carefully crafted to reflect the rich history and colourful culture of the Seychelles.

This boutique self-catering accommodation retains many of the most distinctive features of island architecture, namely high ceilings, light breezy interiors, warm timber tones, floor to ceiling doors and palm tree lined Indian Ocean views.

With a contemporary and, at times, quirky design, all apartments feature creature comforts such as handmade king and queen beds, luxurious bedding, free WiFi, walk-in rain showers, flat screen TVs with cable channels, air conditioning, Nespresso machines and modern fully equipped kitchens.

View from the “Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Apartments”






View from the “Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Apartments”


Seychelles eyes high-end tourism boost as Austrian Airlines begins non-stop weekly service to the island nation

The national carrier of Austria — Austrian Airlines — landed in Seychelles for the first time on Wednesday October 26, 2017.
The inaugural flight with 214 passengers onboard was greeted by a traditional water canon salute after touching down at the Seychelles’ International airport, a few minutes before 9.00am.

Present at the airport to witness the historic occasion were: Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune, Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Garry Albert, Chairman of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) Captain David Savy, SCAA’s Chief Executive, Gilbert Faure, Seychelles Tourism Board’s Regional Manager based in Frankfurt, Edith Hunzinger, as well as Lufthansa Group’s General Manager Sales for East Africa, Tobias Ernst.

Seychelles is the fourth new destination to be added to Austrian Airlines’ global network of approximately 130 destinations. This follows the signing of an air transport agreement in May this year, between Seychelles and Austria, which are celebrating 40 years of bilateral relations this year.

Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne remarked that Wednesday’s inaugural flight, coincides with the Austrian National Day – on October 26, and more importantly becomes the third airline flying to Seychelles non-stop from Europe, after Air Seychelles and Condor, which operate from Paris and Frankfurt, respectively.

“Europe is today giving us 18 percent more passengers than last year and the direct flights will contribute significantly towards consolidating the market, and as it’s a direct flight we are expecting to see a shift towards the high end visitors, which is the segment we are continuously seeking to attract for Seychelles as a tourist destination,” said Minister Loustau-Lalanne.

On top of helping to grow the Seychelles’ European market, particularly the German-speaking markets; the newly introduced Austrian Airlines’ service is expected to boost the number of visitors from Austria – a country with over 8 million people.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, a total of 5,943 Austrian visitors have landed in the island nation up to October 22 this year, representing an 18 percent increase over last year, and Minister Loustau-Lalanne is predicting a 40 percent growth in visitor numbers from Austria by the end of this year, up from the 34 percent increase recorded last year.
Austrian Airlines – Austria’s largest carrier — is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline group and a member of the Star Alliance.

Lufthansa Group’s General Manager Sales for East Africa Tobias Ernst said Austrian Airlines has been running an extensive marketing campaign since the beginning of the year to promote the flights, which has resulted in the completely full first trip. This he said, has been done in collaboration with travel companies in Europe, which had approached the airline to operate flights to the Indian Ocean archipelago.
“It has been a very positive start with the full flight today and the next flights are also fully booked. We are strongly convinced that Seychelles is a very rapidly growing, upcoming, new tourist destination for the Europeans, and that is why we have started today’s flight,” said Mr Ernst.

Austrian Airlines will be operating once-per-week non-stop flights to and from Austria starting with its winter 2017/18 flight schedule, using a Boeing 767. The flight departs its main hub – Vienna International Airport on Wednesdays, returning from Seychelles on Thursdays.

Vijay Poonoosamy, V. P. International Affairs Etihad at ICAO Meeting in Canada

Vijay Poonoosamy, V. P. International Affairs Etihad

Vijay Poonoosamy, Vice President of International Affairs for Etihad Aviation Group, and President of Hermes was last week moderating the closing panel of the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme Symposium which had more than 750 participants from more than 120 States.

Vijay Poonoosamy, presented “Making air travel more secure and efficient” at the Thirteenth Symposium and Exhibition on ICAO under the Traveler Identification Program of the event, Moderator Session 7: Border Control Management and Future in Travel. The event took place at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, from October 24-26, 2017.
We reproduce Vijay Poonoosamy’s address at this important ICAO meeting:- UNWTO has shown that destinations worldwide welcomed 598 million international tourists in the first six months of 2017, 36 million more than in the same period of 2016. IATA stated two days ago that the 4 billion air passengers expected to fly this year are expected to double to 7.8 billion in 2036.

With the formidable growth of both passenger numbers and security threats it is self-evident that much more needs to be done to diligently develop a strategic and holistic roadmap to promote safe, secure, sustainable and seamless aviation. In line with UN Security Council Resolutions 2178 (2014) and 2309 (2016) that re-affirmed the importance of border controls to combat terrorism, the interdependent elements of the ICAO Traveler Identification Program (TRIP) Strategy demonstrate that a coherent and coordinated approach to a robust traveler identification management is essential.

All the Stakeholders of Travel and Tourism have a vested interest in safe and secure operations and have safety and security as the number one priority. Let’s not talk of balancing security and facilitation as this suggests compromise on either or even both. Let’s focus on promoting a robust, efficient, cost effective, inclusive and harmonized global process to enhance security. Let’s develop a global program to link international security with global connectivity while leaving no country behind.
To have a wholly automated, electronic platform, built on verified biometric data, require that a number of areas be addressed, namely, the harmonization of intelligence and data-sharing, the global implementation of common standards set by ICAO and the shift to a secure digital process and a single application system. Governments should agree that a single token that can be used throughout the journey, including airline and airport processes, security, border inspection. Interoperability between countries and systems (customs, immigration, security, airline and airport systems), greater use of available programs such as Interpol’s I-Checkit and greater uptake of on-line and mobile processing are also required.
These necessary policy shifts require additional cooperation and collaboration among various agencies of governments, international organizations, the Travel & Tourism industry/businesses and travelers. Moreover, national governments need to implement the international standards established by ICAO and help ICAO assist emerging economies in implementing those standards.The cross-border movement of people will then not only become more efficient, but it will also enable public safety officials to direct more attention and resources to the risk-based identification of threats. As a result, travelers will have a secure and pleasant experience.

BA to launch double-daily A380s to Johannesburg

Opening Twin Centre Holidays for Seychelles

British Airways is increasing its capacity to Africa. From next month it will add 680 seats a week between London and Johannesburg by increasing its current 10-times-a-week A380 service to double daily, replacing the four weekly B747 flights.
Johannesburg will be the only British Airways route with two daily A380s apart from Los Angeles.

In November the daily London-Cape Town Boeing 747 service will increase to double daily for the South African summer season and the airline will start operating three additional Boeing 777 services from Gatwick. It will also provide a number of extra services from Heathrow to meet demand over the New Year peak, Indaba, UK half term in February, and Easter.

Satsa Chief Operating Officer, Hannelie du Toit, says the increased capacity is a sign that there is a growing demand for travel to South Africa. “For the month of December 2016, the UK accounted for 54 608 of our international arrivals, with 21187 coming in by air to Cape Town International Airport, and 28 404 making their way through the doors of OR Tambo International Airport. We hope to see these numbers increasing in the coming December period when flights are operational just in time for the peak season.”
Sue Petrie, British Airways Commercial Manager Southern Africa, adds, “With the A380 services to Johannesburg and the expanded Cape Town schedule, we’ll be offering more seats to South Africa than we ever have before.”
This comes soon after British Airways announced a multimillion-pound investment plan, with a focus on excellence in the premium cabins and more choice and quality for all its customers.
The airline will spend £400m on Club World, with an emphasis on improved catering and sleeping facilities, and a new seat in the future. At Heathrow a First Wing check-in area with direct security and lounge access has launched, and lounges around the airline’s network are to be revamped. This includes the Johannesburg lounge.
All customers can look forward to the latest generation WiFi across the long- and short-haul fleets, over the next two years.
The airline is also growing its presence in the Indian Ocean islands, starting services to the Seychelles and, from the end of October, expanding the current Boeing 777 services from Gatwick to Mauritius, from three to five a week.

Courtesy:- Daily Southern African TOURISM UPDATE

This BA announcement is good news for Seychelles tourism. The double daily service with an A380 to Johannesburg and the increase of flights from three to five per week to Mauritius opens twin centre holiday opportunities for Seychelles.
Seychelles needs to move fast to secure through Air Seychelles add-on fares for BA passengers flying to Johannesburg to come to Seychelles for a holiday extension and then fly back with BA straight to London. The same with Mauritius.
It is an opportunity that should not and must not be missed.

AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa must be congratulated for their entertainment program

Stephane Vilar, General Manager of Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa

Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa is today offering a very complete entertainment program for visitors to the islands as well as to the local community.
They moved in to fill a gap in the entertainment sector of the islands and to provide what so many have been screaming about for such a long time.
Stephane Vilar, the General Manager of Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa says happily that his hotel is placing itself as the entertainment centre for Seychelle

The islands have often heard negative comments about the lack of night entertainment which has pushed Mr Vilar to move in to fill the void.
A popular Dine & Dance evening has being introduced every Saturday night where the dancing music os provided by a live band at the hotel. A Creole Buffet Dinner will be on the program every Saturday night for only Rupees 490 per person.
“We know that many love dancing the night away with a live band which is why we are now providing this Dine & Dance evening every Saturday night” said someone from the Hotel’s management Team.

Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa is also programming a Thai Evening every Friday. Thai Chefs will be on hand to create the exotic buffet experience. Thai cuisine prepared by the hotel’s skillful Thai Chefs, with traditional Thai dancer performance for Rupees 550 per person.

Everyday of the week now something is on at the Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa. They even have a dedicated Champagne Bar lounge overlooking the bay.

Air Mauritius nearing decision on replacement order for single aisle jets






AIRBUS in pole position as Air Mauritius ponders replacement for A319s. Only days after Airbus delivered the first of six A350’s to the national airline of Mauritius are suggestions emerging that the carrier is now looking at the upcoming replacement of their two Airbus A319’s.
The total Air Mauritius fleet now comprises 14 aircraft, among them also six A340’s which will be progressively replaced by the arrival of more A350’s and two A330NEO’s which are due for delivery next year.
Air Mauritius also operates three ATR72 aircraft for short haul inter island flights to Rodrigues, Reunion and Madagascar among other destinations.
Although the airline’s CEO was quoted to have mentioned the Boeing B737MAX being under consideration is it unlikely that the airline, given their long haul fleet comprises exclusively Airbus aircraft, will add another manufacturer’s types given the availability and not the least the performance of the A320NEO family.



Courtesy: Aviation news from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands by ATC News.



Lonely Planet’s announced best places to visit in 2018 with Mauritius in Top Ten





Lonely Planet, one of the most renowned travel guide producers in the world announced the world’s hottest destinations that should feature on every traveler’s wish list for 2018. Here is the selection of the top ten countries, cities, regions and best value destinations that Lonely Planet’s experts recommend travelers experience in 2018.


Chile takes the coveted top spot of the best country for travelers in 2018, while Seville receives the accolade of number one city in the world to visit next year. Chile was the only South American country to earn a spot on the list and ranked first in the Countries categories.


Hot on the Spanish city’s heels is the American comeback city of Detroit and Australia’s overlooked capital Canberra. The region which Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 declares the number one must-see in the coming year is Belfast and the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland with Alaska and Slovenia’s Julian Alps also making the top three. Tallinn, Estonia has been crowned Lonely Planet’s best value destination of 2018, closely followed by Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and Arizona in the USA.


“This distinction is big news for Chile and reaffirms the government’s successful campaign to market the country as must-see international tourism destination. And the statistics confirm this as well, with a record-breaking influx of 5.5 million foreign tourists in 2016,” said Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes.


Sernatur Director Marcela Cabezas also asserted that, “recognition by Lonely Planet is an award that all Chileans can feel proud of as it highlights both the natural beauty of our country and the outstanding hospitality of its people. This acknowledgement comes on the heels of our recent distinction as South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2017 in the World Tourism Awards.”


Best in Travel 2018 Top 10 Countries
South Korea
New Zealand
South Africa

Published by Ozgur Tore of FTN News Turkey





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