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Munich Airport’s CEO received “SignsAward” for visionary communication efforts

Munich Airport’s CEO received “SignsAward” for visionary communication efforts







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News –  Last weekend, the “SignsAward 2016“ (awarded by the Weimer Media Group, the Sabine Heimbach Communication Counsel and the Journal International) distinguished in ten categories German personalities notable in politics, economic circles and society who have established clear successes in communications.



Among the awardees 2016 are Dr. Michael Kerkloh, CEO and President of Munich Airport. Munich Airport’s long-standing CEO was awarded in the category of “visionary communication” for his successful efforts in developing Munich Airport into a European aviation hub as well as for his persistent involvement and commitment to a third runway at Munich Airport.


Lufthansa’s former corporate spokesperson Klaus Walther, who now heads Infineon’s corporate communications, underlined in his award Dr. Kerkloh’s achievements in the German aviation industry and base. “Michael Kerkloh has transformed Munich Airport into Europe’s most successful airport, securing numerous international routes which build the basis for the economic success of many corporations in Bavaria”.



Klaus Walther further explained that the ambitious airport chief would never rest on his laurels and, thus, Kerkloh will never stop “beating the drum” for the airport’s expansion. Walther considers Munich Airport’s chief a farsighted aviation manager who has an eye for visualizing the long-term effects of corporate decisions.



“That is why Kerkloh sees the airport expansion as a generational project, securing sustainability for our country’s future,” states Walther. Dr. Michael Kerkloh feels honored to receive the SignsAward 2016 and considers it an incentive and affirmation of his work as “advocate for improved mobility and more effective infrastructure.”





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