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Symposium to address interference-free satellite services

Symposium to address interference-free satellite services

Experts to meet in Geneva, 13-14 June

aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Geneva, – The ITU International Satellite Communication Symposium to be held in Geneva, 13-14 June, will explore measures to prevent and combat interference in satellite communications. International experts will examine the current situation and the latest technologies to detect, identify, locate and mitigate harmful interference, which may severely impact satellite services, including safety operations.

Discussions will also focus on International space law, protecting space science services, radio astronomy, global navigation satellite services, and cybersecurity as well as ensuring interference-free satellite broadcast services.

A special session will be dedicated to innovation in satellite systems, focusing on technical characteristics and benefits arising from new generations of non-geostationary satellite orbit (non-GSO) constellations and High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

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