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Changi airport trials new security screening technologies

Changi airport trials new security screening technologies






aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Singapore’s Changi airport is trialling several new technologies aimed at improving “efficiency and processes at the screening checkpoints”.


The trials include the use of 3D computed tomography (CT) equipment to screen hand luggage at boarding gates, removing the need for passengers to remove electronic items such as laptops and tablets.


The airport is also trialling an automated tray return system, which delivers trays to two passengers simultaneously at the start of the screening belt, and which automatically returns the trays to the start after each screening cycle.


Bags that require further checks will automatically be routed to a separate channel.Changi says this technology will “improve screening efficiency and reduce waiting times for passengers”.


Finally the airport is trialling body scanner machine which use millimetre wave technology to detect both metallic and non-metallic items. These scanners would replace the existing walk-through metal detectors.The trials are being carried out at two boarding gates within Changi’s Terminal 3, until June.





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