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Colombia plane crash: Jet ran out of fuel, pilot said

Colombia plane crash: Jet ran out of fuel, pilot said







aTP-  Arab tourism portal News-  The pilot of LAMIA Flight 2933, which crashed near Medellin, Colombia, said, "The plane is in total electric failure and without fuel," according to two sources familiar with the investigation who heard audio recordings of conversations between the flight crew and air traffic control.


The audio was published in Colombian media. Seventy-one people were killed in the crash, including members of a Brazilian soccer team.As air safety officials begin their investigation into the deadly crash of LAMIA flight 2933 near Medellin, Colombia, the final resting place of the jet’s wreckage may prove to be a central clue in determining why the airplane crashed.


The crash killed at least 71 people during a charter flight to Medellin, including members of the Brazilian Chapecoense soccer squad on its way to the Copa Sudamericana finals.


Three players, two crew members and one journalist survived, Colombian authorities said.The lack of apparent fire damage among the wreckage of the British Aerospace Avro RJ85 is pointing investigators to consider fuel starvation as one of the contributing factors to Monday’s crash, a person familiar with the early inquiry said.Fuel starvation occurs when fuel is cut off from the engines, causing them to stop running.


It can be caused by a number of factors including a fuel leak, internal icing, failure of the fuel pumps or gauges, or crew error.Alfredo Bocanegra, director of the Colombia Civil Aviation Authority, said even though a preliminary investigation pointed to an electrical problem, the possibility the plane ran out of fuel has not been ruled out, CNN Italian affiliate ANSA reported.


However, Bocanegra said investigators would have to ascertain why the aircraft didn’t have enough fuel, because it was just 5 miles away from the airport.


The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority declined to comment further on technical details. Photos released by Civil Aviation Authorities showed debris from the four-engine Avro RJ85 strewn across a hillside with no apparent charring amongst the wreckage.




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