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Seychelles shines at the annual International dive show 2017 in Paris

aTP- Arab tourism portal News- The international dive show held every year in Paris is a very successful and inevitable rendez-vous for the professional divers and amateurs. Likewise.

it is  great opportunity for  Seychelles Islands to showcase its exceptional underwater environment with mix of granite and coral islands.

its extraordinary wealth of marine life and the wide variety of dive sites, many of which are marine parks.


This year for the 19th edition, The Seychelles Tourism Board in collaboration with the national airlines Air Seychelles and Silhouette Cruises attended the fair that took place at Parc des Expositions – Porte de Versailles from the 6th to 9th January 2017.

The 4 days event was represented by a small delegation comprising of Ms. Christine Vel from the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Mrs Nathalie Ladouceur from Silhouette Cruises and Mr Frylvera Vieyra and his colleagues representing the national airline, Air Seychelles.

All  partners were satisfied with the good turn out on the Seychelles stand and interest for diving in our islands.

  Seychelles shine in paris

Both Air Seychelles and Silhouette Cruises offered special incentives to encourage more visitors to choose either diving or combination diving and cruising holidays in our waters.

Many were convinced that one of the best mode to visit our islands is by boat and the team seized the opportunity to also inform them of the inland activities also possible in the different islands when they are not out at sea.

,Incontestably, Seychelles remain beautiful playground for diving aficionados and both professionals amateurs can enjoy marine extravaganza as diverse and vibrant .

it is unique throughout the year in a peaceful and safe environment which prevails both underwater and inland.

shines-annual-international-dive-show-2017-paris/">Both Air Seychelles and Silhouette Cruises offered special incentives


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