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14 Social Innovations: Digital Creatives prove their talent at the EYA Social Hackathon in Salzburg

90 young people in 14 teams and a variety of solutions ranging from a loneliness comforter for travelers, or visual support for dementia patients to a cooperation tool for neighbors. The mix of students of multimedia technology and –art as well as social innovation produced a broad spectrum of prototypes and concepts at the European Youth Awards Social Hackathon in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg within three days. The motto was “Digital Projects in Social Space: gender | disability | transculture | age | family”.

The jury composed of CEOs of digital agencies, experts for social work and start-up coaches selected “Get the job” as the most innovative project, a smart computer game which prepares 14-17 year-olds for their first job interview.

Almost everybody knows the situation from their own experience: sweat pearls on the forehead, humid hands and a mental blank – applicants usually feel extremely uncomfortable at their first job interview. Seven participants out of the 90 Hackatonians took remedial action by developing the offline game “Get the job” to train youngsters for their first job interview in a playful way.

The fact that there is a market gap in this field and that the team did a very creative job was honored by the eight expert jury members with first place: 60 minutes coaching with a top international expert.

Second place was awarded to the app “ReMEmber”, an application for dementia patients and their relatives.

Those affected are helped to remember common experiences with friends and family via digital memory storage.

Dumpster Chef, a smart tool to connect dumpster divers, to bring food waste to public attention and to stimulate discussion, took third place.

The first EYA Social Hackathon on March 2-4 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg showed the talent and commitment of Salzburg`s digital generation.



“Expectations were far exceeded – the interdisciplinary mix of students created an outstanding creativity pool,” said Peter A. Bruck, initiator of the European Youth Award and Honorary Chairman of the ICNM.

All projects and information: https://eu-youthaward.org/social-hackathon-2017-projects/

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