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Mauritania Airlines International enhances global distribution with Hahn Air

Mauritania Airlines International enhances global distribution with Hahn Air












aTP- Arab tourism portal News- Dreieich-The travel/tag/german/" target="_blank">German scheduled travel/tag/airline/" target="_blank">airline, travel/tag/hahn-air/" target="_blank">Hahn Air, announced the start of an interline travel/tag/partnership/" target="_blank">partnership with travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International (L6).




This agreement enables the national flag carrier of travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania to tap into new markets where they are not a member of the local Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).




Thereby, travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International expands its commercial reach to over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets worldwide while its flights are now available on the HR-169 ticket in the travel/tag/global/" target="_blank">Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) Amadeus and Galileo.




travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International will join travel/tag/hahn-air/" target="_blank">Hahn Air’s network of more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners benefiting from travel/tag/hahn-air/" target="_blank">Hahn Air’s travel/tag/distribution/" target="_blank">distribution services. “We are delighted to partner with travel/tag/hahn-air/" target="_blank">Hahn Air, the world’s leading ticketing travel/tag/distribution/" target="_blank">distribution provider. With this new cooperation, we aim to access new streams of revenue whilst giving passengers worldwide the opportunity to benefit from our travel offerings in travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa and beyond,” says Mohamed Radhy Bennahi, CEO of travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International.




travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International is based at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport (NKC) and serves ten destinations in eight countries, mainly across West travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa, such as Casablanca (Morocco), Tunis (Tunisia) and Las-Palmas (Spain).




travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International operates a fleet consisting of two Boeing 737 “Classic”, two Boeing 737 “Next Generation” and one Embraer aircraft and is a member of the International Air Transport travel/tag/association/" target="_blank">Association (travel/tag/iata/" target="_blank">IATA), travel/tag/arab-air/" target="_blank">Arab Air Carriers’ Organization (travel/tag/aaco/" target="_blank">AACO) and the travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">African Airlines travel/tag/association/" target="_blank">Association (AFRAA).




travel/tag/steve-knacksted/" target="_blank">Steve Knackstedt, Vice President of the Airline Business Group at travel/tag/hahn-air/" target="_blank">Hahn Air said: “We are proud to welcome travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania Airlines International into our network of partner carriers, further broadening our presence in the travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">African market with now 49 partners connecting destinations across all 54 countries on the continent.




Under the agreement, travel/tag/mauritania/" target="_blank">Mauritania International Airlines will benefit from additional ticket sales and our travel agent partners will have access to yet another carrier whose tickets they would normally not be able to issue.”






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