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Seychelles named top island destination in Africa & Middle East by Travel + Leisure for second year running

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aTP- Arab tourism portal News- travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles has been named the top island destination in travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa and the Middle East in the Travel + travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure’s 2017 World’s Best travel/tag/awards/" target="_blank">Awards. It’s the second year in a row that travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles is rated in the top spot in this category by Travel + travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure.

Results of the 22nd travel + leisure’s world’s best awards were revealed on Tuesday 11th July. This is based on an annual survey, which allows readers of the travel/tag/new-york/" target="_blank">New York-based travel magazine to rate their travel experiences around the globe. Readers get to share their opinions on top hotels, islands, cities, airlines, cruise lines, spas, among others.

The best islands by region are rated on a number of characteristics including their natural attractions, beaches, activities & sights, restaurants, food, people & friendliness and value. Their travel/tag/romantic/" target="_blank">romantic appeal also feature as an optional criteria. For each characteristic, respondents are asked to give a rating based on a five-point scale of excellence.

Boasting lush tropical vegetation, powder-white beaches and clear turquoise waters, travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles – a 115-island archipelago in the western travel/tag/indian-ocean/" target="_blank">Indian Ocean came out on top of the readers’ list when it comes to the travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa & Middle East region. travel/tag/mauritius/" target="_blank">Mauritius has been voted the second best island destination and Madagascar is third.

Announcing travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles’ number 1 position, Travel + travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure quoted one reader’s description of the islands as saying: “It is like you are in the Garden of Eden.”

Commenting on the award, the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism Board’s Regional Director for travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa & the travel/tag/americas/" target="_blank">Americas, David Germain said: “Achieving the distinction of Top Island in travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa and the Middle East for the second year in a row is a tremendous honour for the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles, recognising that the region has much to offer in terms of world-class island experiences.”

Mr Germain noted that that the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism Board continues to build a solid trade relations platform with the USA and Canadian outbound tour operators, travel agents and other trade partners in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America. He said that winning the award for a second consecutive year, is evidence that the travel/tag/stbs/" target="_blank">STB’s travel/tag/marketing-strategy/" target="_blank">marketing strategy in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America is working.

“The Award helps to garner recognition, and provides a significant amount of visibility for our islands in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America and the region. The STB will continue to share and present the culture and tourism attributes of travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles to both the trade and consumers in the various travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North American cities, with the aim of increasing tourist’s arrival to travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles from this part of the world,” said Mr Germain.

Visitor arrivals from the travel/tag/americas/" target="_blank">Americas to the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles has increased by 69 percent from January to June.

Mr Germain will be receiving the award for travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles, at a travel/tag/ceremony/" target="_blank">ceremony which will bring all winners together in travel/tag/new-york/" target="_blank">New York City on July 26. The award travel/tag/ceremony/" target="_blank">ceremony will be hosted by the Editor in Chief of Travel + travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure, Nathan Lump.

Commenting on the choices of the readers this year, Mr Lump said: “What’s clear to me this year is how much they are drawn to experiences that aren’t just enjoyable but provide something richer — travel/tag/cultural-immersion/" target="_blank">cultural immersion, travel/tag/mental-and-travel/tag/physical/" target="_blank">physical/" target="_blank">mental and travel/tag/physical/" target="_blank">physical well-being, a true sense of adventure.”

“It’s not easy to satisfy this group, but the travel/tag/destinations/" target="_blank">destinations, hotels and companies that are doing it know that today’s traveller cares about a lot more than creature comforts,” he added.

For more details on the 2017 Travel & travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure World’s Best travel/tag/awards/" target="_blank">Awards visit travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles named top island destination in travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa & Middle East by Travel + travel/tag/leisure/" target="_blank">Leisure for second year running">

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