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Orange Egypt announces its Cooperation with the Queen of Sensation Elissa and Rotana

In Continuity to Its sponsorship for Art and Music

Orange Egypt announces its Cooperation with the Queen of Sensation Elissa and Rotana






aTP- Arab tourism portal News- In continuity to its support for culture and music activities, Orange Egypt, the leading company in the field of integrated telecom services, announced its exclusive cooperation with the queen of sensation Elissa and Rotana. Elissa has not been chosen for her rich artistic career and her elite taste of art and music only but also for her closeness to Egyptians’ hearts and her widespread popularity.




This cooperation aims at providing a brand new era of music through developing the music culture in the Egyptian market. Orange Egypt’s customers will have the opportunity to meet the artist and attend live sessions with her. It doesn’t stop there, customers will also have the chance to sing with their favorite icon “Elissa”




Orange Egypt offers its customers an innovative and exceptional service “Sing With”. Orange customers will be able to show their talents by recording their voices via the voice service number 6365. Elissa and her team will select the best voices to sing with her and their covers will be posted on Orange social media pages, followed by more than 26M subscribers in Egypt and worldwide.




In order to enrich this service and provide distinctive content, subscribers will receive exclusive news, photos and videos of the Lebanese star by sending “1” to 6365 or through the USSD.



On this occasion, Eng. Ashraf Halim, deputy CEO at Orange Egypt, said: “We are honored to cooperate with Singer Elissa to provide a one-of-a-kind service “Sing With”. This service will enable our customers to get closer to Elissa and to communicate with her in a new way.




Orange promises its customers to provide the newest and the most innovative content through the best services which will get them closer to their favorite star.”




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