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Airbus offers new iflyA380 app to enhance real-time airline booking experience

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Airbus has recently launched its new iflyA380 iOS app based on Apple’s latest technology, to open up doors of its iconic A380 aircraft to more passengers, globally.

The new app is expected to enhance Airbus’ existing booking assistant with more choices, features, content and new possibilities to interact with the A380, besides taking a sneak peek at the cockpit.
Today, customers are increasingly wanting to design their own experiences, and the iOS app offers them the power to do so.

Booking flights and staying updated with real-time notifications is just the beginning. Travellers are expected to enjoy a wide range of exclusive innovative services linked to the A380, including the option to explore destinations based on geolocation and personal interests and cabin discovery in virtual reality. They will also enjoy a connected and immersive in-flight experience based on an augmented reality feature.

“The overall response to the Website has been unprecedented,” said Marc Fontaine, digital transformation officer of Airbus.

“The iflyA380 app is a new step for Airbus towards offering digital services that will directly benefit consumers, and allow them to design their own experiences,” said Fontaine.

With this new app, Airbus is set to make passengers’ favourite flying experience even more memorable-from travel inspiration to their final destination.


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