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CEBIT 2018: Merging global initiatives for development in Africa

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CEBIT 2018: Merging global initiatives for development in Africa

World Summit Awards for digital innovation with impact on society joins German government Make-IT Alliance

CEBIT Berlin- Salzburg –Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) signed a Joint Declaration of Intent with Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Awards at CEBIT.

World Summit Awards joins the German Make-IT Alliance to support and foster digital-entrepreneurship in developing countries.

The Make-IT Alliance is a strategic grouping of tech companies, business associations, social entrepreneurs and ecosystem partners, working with the German government to assist in development activities. By linking the experience and practical knowledge of successful and established companies and institutions in the digital economy with the ideas and innovative strength of young entrepreneurs of tech start-ups, the government´s Make-IT Alliance adds further value to the Make-IT Initiative.

Merging networks to foster change making digital innovation for social good in Africa.

The mobile revolution is a game changer, especially in developing countries, providing access to information and empowering people. To make real benefit of the mobile revolution, relevant content and sustainable applications are essential.

WSA, a global community and annual contest system for digital innovation with social impact, will bring its network to the Make-IT Alliance to support local social entrepreneurship in Africa. Working in over 180 countries, WSA promotes start-ups and tech entrepreneurs demonstrating the potential of ICTs with relevant content.

The main aims of the partnership are:


Local networks. WSA works in cooperation with local experts, establishing local multi-stakeholder networks, to select and promote best practice solutions and foster local development.

Mentoring. Providing social entrepreneurs with sufficient mentoring is a key factor of sustainable growth and impact.

Local value. Supporting and providing a network for sustainable Start-Ups with a focus on local communities and a focus on the offered value-add.

WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states on the joining of WSA in the Make-IT Alliance together with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development: “This close and strategic collaboration for talent development in Africa bears exceptional value by combining WSA´s strengths, resources, and networks with the German initiative and the European Union priority for Africa.

In the rapidly changing, highly interconnected and digitalized world, creating positive social, economic and environmental change requires the cooperation of a wide range of stakeholders from the digital society and economy. We need to address the digital and social divides which retard development and harm people and communities.

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