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جانبى طويل
جانبى طويل

Minister of Civil Aviation attending Contract signing ceremony for Modernizing Egyptian Air Navigation systems







aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Cairo – Hossam Kamal, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, has witnessed today the Contract Signing ceremony for modernizing Air Navigation systems and increasing the efficiency of the Egyptian flight region between the National Air Navigation Service Company(NANSC) and the two Russian companies LEMZ and  AZIMUT in the presence of  Eng. Ismail Abouelezz Chairman of Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN) ,  Bendersky Gennady CEO of LEMZ ,  Asker Saidov CEO of AZIMUT, in addition to top management personnel  from the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation and representatives from the Russian Embassy in Egypt.


The contract has been signed today by Ehab Mohey Chairman of NANSC ,  Asker Saidov CEO of Azimut and   Alexander  Ponomarenko Commercial Director for LEMZ .






Kamal has expressed during the ceremony his full appreciation and consideration for the partnership relations between Egypt and Russia, as the relationship between the two countries has always been very tight and well-established at all levels and in various fields.



He added also that signing of a contract for air navigation systems project is an important step in the light of rapidly growing progress in the air navigation field and systems of air traffic control , as well as the development of radars internationally and the accumulation of air routes over many areas in the world which is considered one of the challenges facing the air transport industry, and makes it necessary for us to take positive actions to guarantee the safety and security of air routes in the future .



Kamal also assured that the Ministry of Civil Aviation and its subsidiary companies and authorities are obliged to implement the recommended practices and standards in the field of air navigation, safety oversight and environment, adding that this project aims at modernizing air navigation systems, Air Traffic Management (ATM) and increasing the efficiency of using Egyptian flight region.




This can be attained through providing efficient and effective air navigation systems, in addition to modernizing the infrastructure through very accurate radars and full development of the air routes in the Egyptian flight region , also  determining more flexible and efficient paths for air traffic that enables decreasing the distance and time of flights through the establishment of  Aerospace Management system that helps in finding direct routes to the flight region to make it more attractive to the Air Traffic and maximizing the use of the unique geographic location of Egypt .


On the other hand, Eng. Esmail Abou Elezz Chairman of Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN) said that the estimated cost of the development plan for the air navigation systems is USD 300 million  . This plan comes at the same time with other projects aiming at developing Egyptian airports to accommodate the expected increase in the air traffic.


Chairman of NANSC. Ehab Mohey has also emphasized that the signature of this contract with two of the biggest international companies specialized in the field of developing air navigation systems which  apply highest levels of quality to comply with the international requirements and the new technologies in the air navigation systems and the use of the latest developed air traffic control systems , will has a great impact on minimizing the aeronautical costs for airlines using the Egyptian flight region.



The Ministry of civil aviation has an ambitious plan to fully develop Egyptian air navigation systems to comply with the requirements of both the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation.


The representatives of the two Russian companies LEMZ and AZIMUT have expressed their happiness to sign this contract and to cooperate with NANSC , they added that they will always present full support and facilities to achieve the aims of the project of developing air navigation systems in addition to training the Egyptian personnel working in this field to achieve great progress in the field of civil aviation and air navigation in the coming years.




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