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New tech pulls visitors to SteelFab

New tech pulls visitors to SteelFab





aTP-  Arab tourism portal- Sharjah, The region’s premier steel fabrication and metal working exhibition – 12th SteelFab 2016 – is turning out to be a magnet for regional fabricators.


Day one of the show, which opened on January 17 and will continue until Wednesday (January 20) at Expo Centre Sharjah, received strong response in terms of visitor turnout, enquiries and business leads.










In an indication of the show’s significance to the industry, visitor pre-registrations touched 4,628 from nearly 75 countries as against the past year’s 4042, recording an increase of 15 per cent. Visitor turnout on day one was also strong.


“SteelFab is known for introducing new tech to the region and this time too there are plenty of new machinery and technology that are on display. The live display that is unique to SteelFab helps visitors see the machines in operation before they decide on their requirements,” said Mr. Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah.










In a first for the region, Aliyat LLC, distributors of Dugard Ltd, is displaying virtual reality technology in the Middle East to demonstrate CNC machines produced by TOS Varnsdorf of Czech Republic for application in industries like oil & gas, automotive, defence and general metal fabrication.


GMA Garnet Group, a global marketing and distribution company providing industrial garnet for surface preparation and waterjet cutting industries, is displaying tetraCORE products for the first time in the region. “Waterjet upgraded with tetraCORE provides longer cutting hours, minimized material waste, increased equipment ROI and operational excellence,” said a GMA Garnet Group representative.











Bulmor has two new products at SteelFab — the side-loader truck and multidirectional truck. “The trucks have big potential for the metal working, oil & gas and plastics industries. They can handle long and heavy loads in a compact way, are highly reliable and comfortable to operate, besides providing visibility from all the sides,” said Mr. Russel George, MD, Bulmor.


Another new product that has seen strong visitor interest is the H beam automatic welding line from Arwani. “The H profile welding machine is designed to obtain required high quality special H profiles by welding platina parts in different sizes centered at input conveyor groups. They are fast, reliable and provides quality results,” said Mr. Hani Arwani, GM, Arwani Trading Company.











Wright & Wood International, the official partners of InfoSight Corporation, USA are showcasing the world’s first fully automatic continuous-feed desktop laser printer. InfoSight, the leaders in Identification and Traceability Solutions manufactures metal tag printers, special purpose metal tags which can withstand as high as 1000 degrees Centigrade “Our products are of great relevance in Shot blasting, Galvanizing, Painting, pickling and annealing, castings, foundry in product and asset identification, as the tags are literally indestructible.” Said Mr. Shreekumar of Wright & Wood International.





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