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Eid El Fitr at Sheraton Cairo Hotel








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This year Eid Al Fitr vacation is a long weekend, which means lots of celebration in the city. Can’t get away? Not to worry, there is plenty to do across our venues at Sheraton Cairo.



After Ramadan everyone is craving a rich breakfast with a cup of eye-opening coffee. Here at Sheraton Cairo we offer a variety of breakfast offerings, breakfast buffet at Rawi Restaurant, Nespresso Coffee and Cake from café Fontaine or Starbucks coffee and fresh pastry from Bridge Café.

Spend the rest of your morning enjoying the sun by the pool while sipping into a cold beer. Do not miss on the pizza and burgers offered by the pool deck and delivered in a take away style boxes.


When your sweet tooth starts complaining, it will be time for the best Kahk in town. We promise you once you start with your first piece of Kahk you will never be able to stop. You can also order for your family a to-go box from Café Fontaine so they can share the guilty pleasure.


We wish you the happiest Eid ever!



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