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One Seychelles,island nation’s newest political party, files registration papers with Electoral Commission







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A new political partyOne Seychelles — headed by Seychelles’ former tourism minister, Alain St Ange, presented documents of registration to the Electoral Commission Wednesday.



The electoral commissioner, Danny Lucas, told reporters that the Commission will have to go over the documents and certify them.



“If we find that all is in order, we will give a date to formally register the party. But if some documents are not in order we will contact the party leader to see if they can be put into order according to the requirements needed to register a political party,” said Lucas.


He added that usually, the Commission has within one month to give a date to register any political party.



For the party to be registered some documents such as the logo, colour of the party, a manifesto, and at least 100 signatures from eligible voters endorsing the party need to be in order.



The Electoral Commission of Seychelles is the body that organises, oversees and regulates political elections in the island nation. It is also in charge of registering political parties in Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean.


To date, there are 11 registered political parties, according to the Electoral Commission.



St Ange

“Today is an important moment for Seychelles as a new political party has handed over its necessary documents to the Electoral Commission. As a group of people, we have taken article 23 of our Constitution that gives the right to every Seychellois to be affiliated with any political party.We want to give a choice to every Seychellois,” said St Ange.



He added that the Party will present its programme on what it has to offer to the people of Seychelles.



St Ange said that he has been asked what immediate thing the party will bring to the island nation and his respond is that it will focus on the welfare of the Seychellois people.



In the official launching of the party in April, St Ange said One Seychelles has a five-point action plan which focuses on reviving the island’s economy, help create job opportunities and transform the lives of the people.



Presidential and legislative elections in Seychelles are held every five years. The next presidential election is due in 2020.



The last presidential election was held in December 2015 and the candidate of the ruling Parti Lepep — James Michel — won with 50.15 percent of the vote.










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