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Boeing to Train Vietnam Airlines 787 Pilots

Boeing to Train Vietnam Airlines 787 Pilots




ATP-  Arab tourism portal- Boeing and Vietnam Airlines have struck a five-year exclusive pilot-training agreement to support the Hanoi-based airline’s 787 Dreamliners.

Under the agreement, Boeing Flight Services, a business unit of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, will provide flight training for the airline’s new 787 Dreamliner fleet at Boeing’s Singapore training campus.

The companies expect nearly 90 Vietnam Airlines pilots to undergo training this year.

The 2015 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, an industry forecast of aviation personnel demand closely tied to projections for new airplane deliveries around the globe, projects a requirement for 226,000 new commercial airline pilots and 238,000 new technicians in the Asia-Pacific region through 2034.




The Asia region also leads the demand for new commercial airplane deliveries over the next 20 years, with the need for 14,330 new airplanes projected by 2034, according to Boeing’s 2015 Current Market Outlook.

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