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STG Aerospace wins 6th consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Award

STG Aerospace wins 6th consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Award




ATP-  arab tourism portal- A pioneer in aircraft cabin lighting technologies, STG Aerospace is delighted to announce that it has won its sixth consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Award – an achievement that positions the company as a top-performing European supplier in the Interiors category for Boeing.

The company’s association with Boeing goes back to 2000 when the Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer began offering STG Aerospace’s photoluminescent floorpath marking systems as a factory fit option. In 2013, Boeing extended its contract with STG Aerospace for a further 10 years, appointing the company as an SFE supplier for the Next-Generation 737 and the 737 MAX.

The awards, which are made annually, are designed to recognise those suppliers who have achieved superior performance standards in terms of cost, quality and delivery and have made a significant contribution to Boeing’s ability to meet its own customers’ expectations. Just 548 suppliers out of Boeing’s entire worldwide supplier base received an award for their performance in 2014.

Nigel Duncan, STG Aerospace’s Chief Executive, commented: “This is an important accolade for us, reflecting just how much importance we attach to customer service. Indeed, we have now won one of these prestigious awards every year since 2010. It’s a record we’re particularly proud of and one that we aim to uphold in the future.  Key to the success of STG Aerospace is our commitment to working closely with all of our customers to ensure that we consistently deliver to their needs.”


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