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Cemetery with marked 1877 Grave Stone uncovered at Anse Dejeuner

Cemetery with marked 1877 Grave Stone uncovered at Anse Dejeuner






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – Francois Augustin Barra aged 44 returned to Anse Dejeuner following the passing of his father Augustin Barra some four years ago and attempted to continue caring for a "State Reserve" land  as had been done since early in 1988 by his father.


During the era when Augustin Barra, who is known as Ton Sasa in the area, cleared and cared for the land that is adjacent to the Barra Household at Anse Dejeuner, it was a known fact that a number of graves existed on this "State Reserve" land but little was even made of it. Augustin (Sr) planted sugar cane on the property as he kept the grounds clean.




After some four years the land in question became overgrown and a defacto rubbish dump which has prompted Francois Augustin Barra to do as his father before him and clean the grounds and expose once again the old graves.


Mr Barra invited Minister Alain St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture to visit the couple of graves that are now exposed once again. Looking at the headstones in that cemetery one can see a grave belonging to "Marie Olivier Hilaric Savy nee 18 October 1811 and died on the 21 May 1877". A second grave is for Pauline Savy who died on the 1 December 1891.





Many unmarked graves are scattered on the property that is still being cleared and Minister St.Ange assured Mr Barra that in the coming weeks he will ensure that Seychellois Historians will be come on site to collect as much information on this cemetery which seems very associated with the Savy Family.





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