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President University to host PATA Youth Symposium in BSD-Serpong, Indonesia

President University to host PATA Youth Symposium in BSD-Serpong, Indonesia






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – BANGKOK, — The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Human Capital Development Committee will organise a PATA Youth Symposium on the afternoon of Thursday, September 8, 2016, generously hosted by President University at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD-Serpong, Indonesia. Under the theme ‘Young Entrepreneurs Role in Tourism’s Future’, the Symposium takes place on the first day of PATA Travel Mart 2016 and aims to attract hundreds of young professionals and students from overseas and around Indonesia.


Dr. Mario Hardy, PATA CEO said, “The PATA Youth Symposium is one of the cornerstones in our commitment to the next generation of young tourism professionals. The event highlights our dedication to enhancing the knowledge and skills of students in engaged in tourism, hospitality management and related degree courses. I would like to thank President University for their support and enthusiasm in helping to enhance the development of the tourism professionals of the future.”




The programme was developed with guidance from Dr. Chris Bottrill, Chairman of the PATA Human Capital Development (HCD) Committee and Dean, Faculty of Global and Community Studies, Capilano University. Dr. Bottrill noted, “The next generation of tourism professionals is better connected and has quicker access to information than ever before and will lead us in new directions and with new philosophies and practices in tourism. This Symposium will address the many challenges that lie ahead and share information, ideas and experiences on how to tackle these and prosper in a new environment of opportunity. We are extremely pleased to be working with President University and our tourism colleagues in Jakarta on this Youth Symposium and we are all looking forward to an engaging and inspiring event.”


President University’s founder, Mr. Setyono Djuandi Darmono, said, “Travel makes a better future, allowing other to see the wonders of the world, which is something more beautiful than any dream you have ever had.”




Speakers include Dr. Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA; Ha Lam, Co-founder and COO,, Vietnam; Rika Jean-Francois, ITB Berlin, Germany; Dr. Joe Kelly, Capilano University, Project Change Foundation, Canada; Stewart Moore, CEO Earthcheck, Australia, and Peter Semone, Chairman, PATA Foundation.


The symposium includes plenary talks on various topics including:
How young entrepreneurs are changing digital technologies in tourism
Social and Business Entrepreneurship in Tourism. What’s the difference? Why does it matter?

How Young Entrepreneurs may save the planet


All participants will share their views in roundtable discussions on the following topics:
What unique skills and talents do young entrepreneurs bring to tourism’s future?
Identify two great ideas in tourism that only Young Entrepreneurs can do




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