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Takamul concludes workshop on – tourism information- in Taif

 Takamul concludes workshop on – tourism information- in Taif





aTP-  Arab tourism portal News –  SCTH represented by the Department of Information and Partner Relations, The National Center for Tourism Human Resources Development (Takamul), and the SCTH branch in Taif, concluded a workshop on “Tourism Information” for tourism concerned journalists.


At the end of the workshop, participants recommended that a working group comprising representatives from the tourism information in Taif to coordinate information efforts relating to tourism promotion in the Taif region, as well as support tourism events and activities in collaboration with the Tourism Development Council Taif and the Department of Information and Partner Relations in SCTH.


The workshop participants also recommended the holding of periodic meetings of tourism journalists in the Taif city, with the support of SCTH branch in Taif supported by magazines and the publications as issued by public administrations in Taif, in addition to setting up a mechanism for information centers in tourist festivals that are held in Taif.​


The workshop which was presented by Dr. Khalid Batarfi discussed techniques to craft television and newspaper reports in the field of tourist information, as well as determine the tourism types and discuss appropriate ways to serve the region in tourist information.


The workshop was also addressed by Director of SCTH branch in Taif, Abdullah Al Sawat, who discussed the activities and efforts of SCTH in Taif and its future projects and ways to strengthen the relationship between SCTH branch in the Taif municipality and the media.


Al Sawat also discussed the historical and tourism importance of Taif, and how this importance should be presented and highlighted by the media, while in the present some media is interested only in highlighting the negative existing issues without covering the positive aspects.


Director of the department of Information in General Department of Information and Partner Relations at SCTH, Saud Al Mogbil, gave a presentation at the workshop on the services, along with print material published by SCTH and the tourism information strategy set by SCTH.  In addition, he highlighted the plans of SCTH for raising awareness on the national heritage, besides shedding light on a number of objectives and information messages on which SCTH is focusing at present.


The workshop was part of the activities of SCTH in Souk Okaz Festival events and came within the second phase of the workshop program of the “Tourism Information” held by SCTH across the provinces.




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