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NEW Budget Travel Award goes to Citymax Hotels

NEW Budget Travel Award goes to Citymax Hotels

Almasalla Arab Travel Portal News – Duba- Citymax Hotels walked away the winner of a brand new category in the World Travel Awards last night  Middle East s Leading Budget Hotel Brand.

Recognizing that the profile of the future traveller to the Middle East will become much more diverse heading towards 2020, with a large number of visitors on tighter budgets and no need for frills, several Travel Awards have added a new category to their nominee lists: Budget Hotels.

“We are thrilled to have won this award. The inclusion of budget categories in travel awards is a very welcome move for the hospitality industry in this region. Growth of the mid-market sector is inevitable in the coming years and budget hotels will become an important part of the total accommodation offering.

 It is consequently positive to witness that budget hotels are already now being recognized as award-worthy candidates alongside luxury hotels”, says Russel Sharpe, COO of Citymax Hotels. He predicts that the budget category will become one of the most fiercely competitive categories in the near future.


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