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Selling oneworld alliance fares is now significantly simpler

Selling oneworld alliance fares is now significantly simpler



aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- Buying and selling the market-leading range of alliance multi-airline, multi-sector fares offered by oneworld® has been made significantly simpler with the launch of automated pricing for its round-the-world and multi-continent tickets.


Until today, pricing of oneworld Explorer, its flagship round-the-world (RTW) fare based on the numbers of continents visited, along with Global Explorer, its distance-based RTW product, and its Circle fares for travel through several continents without circumnavigating the globe had to be calculated manually, with travel agents being responsible for establishing the price for the customer’s journey, including all local taxes and other charges.


Now, travel agents the world over connected to the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) and its Abacus and INFINI associated systems can book and automatically calculate the fare for these tickets, complete with taxes and other charges – providing an instant price for the entire journey, with that final total covered by the GDS fare guarantee policy.


Travel agents will also benefit from reduced Agency Debit Memo costs (ADMs), enabling them to sell these fares with even greater confidence.  It will also remove the need for updating and managing their own libraries of oneworld’s fare products terms and conditions.


oneworld intends to extend this capability across other leading GDSs soon.


oneworld’s fares enable customers to travel on any of the alliance’s 14 member airlines and 30 affiliated carriers, across a global network serving more than 1,000 destinations in 150 countries.


oneworld offers a wider range of these alliance fares than any of its competitors, offering great value and flexibility for multi-sector journeys.


The new Sabre, Abacus and INFINI facility can be used for:
oneworld Explorer:  Unlike other round-the-world fares, oneworld Explorer’s price is, uniquely, based on the number of continents you visit (three to six), not the distance you fly, making planning and pricing your journey much more simple and flexible.  It is available for travel in Economy, Premium Economy (where available), Business or First Class.


Global Explorer:  Another round-the-world fare – that also includes some airlines that are not part of oneworld (Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines and its Horizon Air affiliate, Bangkok Airways, Fiji Airways, Meridianafly, WestJet, plus Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan and Jetstar Pacific, along with Qantas coded flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui), further widening travel options.  Fares are based on the length of the overall journey, with four pricing levels available. 


Circle fares – a choice of four options that that let you visit a number of different continents without actually circumnavigating the globe:


Circle Trip Explorer:  A unique alliance fare, for travel through Africa, Asia, South West Pacific and Europe.


Circle Pacific:  For trips around the Pacific Ocean, covering Australia/NZ, Asia and North and South America.


Circle Asia & South West Pacific:  When travel is only around North East Asia, South East Asia and the South West Pacific.

Circle Atlantic:  Covering Europe and the Middle East, North and South America.

oneworld is the only global alliance offering sectors within Australia in its round-the-world and multi-continent fares – with the networks of both Qantas and Jetstar covered.


oneworld Director of Sales José María Alvarado said: “oneworld offers a wider range of multi-sector, multi-airline fares than any other global alliance.  They are designed to make travelling across a complex itinerary as simple as possible, at greater value.  Making them easier to buy and sell, through the new technology now in place, will make them even more attractive.


“Travel agents will now be able to sell these fares with greater confidence using their GDS technology to reduce pricing errors significantly.”



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