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Better connections with North America’s travel trade expected as Seychelles Tourism Board joins USTOA








aTP- Arab tourism portal News- The travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism travel/tag/board/" target="_blank">Board (travel/tag/stb/" target="_blank">STB) has been accepted as a member of the United States travel/tag/tour-operator/" target="_blank">Tour Operator travel/tag/association/" target="_blank">Association, USTOA.



Through this travel/tag/membership/" target="_blank">membership, the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles’ tourism marketing body seeks to establish travel/tag/strategic/" target="_blank">strategic relationships with key organizations within the travel trade community in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America.

USTOA was created in 1972 by a small group of travel/tag/california/" target="_blank">California tour operators, with the aim of having a unified voice to protect the traveling public, as well as to represent the interests of tour operators.

Today, the travel/tag/new-york/" target="_blank">New York based organization brings together some of the top names in travel and tourism. It also accounts for a large share of the tour operator market in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America

The travel/tag/membership/" target="_blank">membership will hence allow the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism travel/tag/board/" target="_blank">Board to connect with these travel/tag/industry/" target="_blank">industry leaders that represent top travel/tag/destinations/" target="_blank">destinations and suppliers from around the world.

The travel/tag/stb/" target="_blank">STB Director for travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa & the travel/tag/americas/" target="_blank">Americas travel/tag/david-germain/" target="_blank">David Germain who spearheaded the initiative to have the travel/tag/membership/" target="_blank">membership application processed and approved, said benefits to travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles include participation in all events organized by USTOA throughout the year.

“Through publications, meetings, conferences, discussions and exhibitions, the travel/tag/stb/" target="_blank">STB will be able to stay up to date on the latest travel travel/tag/industry/" target="_blank">industry research, gain market intelligence and travel trends in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America,” said Mr. Germain.

One of USTOA’s main event is the Annual travel/tag/conference-marketplace/" target="_blank">Conference & Marketplace which brings together leading travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North American travel companies with tourism suppliers and travel/tag/destinations/" target="_blank">destinations from around the globe in an intimate and exclusive setting. The event is set for November 27 to December 1, 2017.

The travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism travel/tag/board/" target="_blank">Board is intensifying its effort in travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America as demand for long-haul travel and flights to the travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles continue to increase. The aim is to position the island destination as a destination of choice among the travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North American travelers.

To date, the National Bureau of Statistics has recorded a 67 percent increase in visitors’ arrival from America to travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles, compared to the same period last year.

The travel/tag/seychelles/" target="_blank">Seychelles travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism travel/tag/board/" target="_blank">Board is also a member of the travel/tag/association/" target="_blank">Association for the Promotion of travel/tag/tourism/" target="_blank">Tourism to travel/tag/africa/" target="_blank">Africa, APTA, which also facilitates partnerships and education of members throughout travel/tag/north-america/" target="_blank">North America.


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