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“Orange” Exclusively Offers Live Broadcast of Superstar Nancy Ajram’s Concert in Cyprus under the Slogan #حفلتك في بيتك In cooperation with Arabica Music

السبت القادم .. اول تعاون مشترك بين اورنج مصر ،والمغرب ،وتونس ،والاردن نقل حفل  "نانسي عجرم" من قبرص حصريا


The First Mutual Cooperation between Orange Egypt, Orange Morocco, Orange Jordan and Orange Tunis to Entertain their Customers and Followers on Facebook


After the success of the mutual cooperation between Orange Egypt and the Lebanese Superstar Nancy Ajram in launching her latest albums “Hasa Beek” exclusively on Orange music platform “Ghaneely” application, Orange has announced a new cooperation with the famous singer through the exclusive and live broadcast of her concert, held on Saturday, August 5th, from Cyprus. The concert will be broadcast via HD technology on Orange’s Facebook Page.



You can enjoy the live broadcast of the concert on Orange’s Egypt Page:




This is the first time for Orange customers and Facebook followers to watch the live concert on Orange Page.



Moreover, “Orange Tunisia”, “Orange Morocco” and “Orange Jordan” customers will be able to watch the live broadcast on the company’s local Facebook pages of these countries, with unified communication between the four countries. Orange branches in those countries are considered the newest and most recent in the Middle East and Africa, rebranding to Orange months ago. Orange has a wide customer base in these countries and is always keen on meeting their needs.



This exclusive cooperation between Orange Egypt and Superstar Nancy Ajram aims at introducing a new aspect of entertainment to the Egyptian and Arab market as well as to Orange customers.



Orange said: “As Orange Egypt, we are proud to have been the leader of this initiative in the MENA region, taking advantage of our exclusive agreement with the superstar. We are very pleased with our culture and art activities which contribute in raising the awareness and the culture of the people. Orange always seeks to narrow the gap between the peoples through its worldwide network which participates in enhancing the company’s leadership and the distinction in providing what is suitable for the needs of its customers.”





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