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Animal Wonderland in the SnowCastle of Kemi

aTP- Arab tourism portal News- First snow and frosty days have arrived to Kemi in Finnish Sea Lapland, and the mind is set to the winter season and the next SnowCastle. The construction work of this winter wonderland will start by making the snow out of the sea water in December when the temperature stays below 7 C minus. The actual building time is in January and everything is made only from natural materials – snow and ice.




SnowCastle Season Will Be Longer Than Before



Winter tourists from all over the world arrive to Kemi in the beginning of December to accommodate the Seaside Glass Villas by the sea in the SnowCastle area. During they stay they can witness the process of building a huge snow castle. Hotel guests and also other willing travelers have the possibility to also visit the castle under construction in January and get a close look at how the castle is built and sculptors creating their art. SnowCastle will open it´s doors on 20th of January at 10 am and it will stay open until 14th of April.



Traditionally the castle is open for daily visitors every day at 10-18, but this year we will arrange some evening visits also to get a chance to show how the SnowHotel rooms are prepared for the overnight guests and the ice tables set for dinner time in the SnowRestaurant. Also visitors can get a glimpse of the work done by our maintenance team. Service Point building with cafè and lounge serves the customers 24 hours during the winter time.




Fascinating Animals and Forest Landscapes



The theme of the castle changes annually and next year`s theme will be SnowCastle – Animal Wonderland. “We want to highlight the pure nature, forests and interesting wild life in Finland and in Sea Lapland. We have the purest air in the world and more than 70 % of our area is forest. Finland offers peace, space and quiet. Because our nature is quite different than elsewhere we want to bring the animals and landscapes from all over the world to the castle also. Animals interest all people regardless of age or culture” comments Ms Noora Barria from Kemi Tourism Ltd. /PR.





Frozen Innovations is in charge of the design and construction of the castle, Mr Rauno Ruonansuu continues as the architect and the design of the snow and ice sculptures is done in co-operation with Kemi Tourism Ltd. and the sculptor team.




All-year-round tourism in SnowCastle area



SnowCastle, this great annually built masterpiece of snow and ice, will be built in Kemi for the 23rd time and second time to the new area. Kemi Tourism Ltd. is in process of developing the area all-year-round. The Seaside Glass Villas already accommodate guests throughout the year by the sea that freezes over in winter. Villas are mostly made of glass so the guests can admire the sea and sky view through the glass roof and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The Seaside Lodge and Hut are excellent choices for cozy dinner, Lappish tapas by the fire or sauna experiences. In order to make the incredible winter experiences available throughout the year, Kemi Tourism Ltd. will start the construction work for the all-year-round SnowCastle soon, and it will be ready in the end of the year 2018.​




Beside of the SnowCastle Northern lights and autumn colors, frozen sea and snow in the winter and midnight sun in summer attract visitors to Kemi. The city is also famous for the one an only Icebreaker Sampo that has been operating as a touristic icebreaker for 30 years. Wedding couples looking for extra ordinary wedding location have found Kemi SnowCastle as their venue. In 2019 the snowy weddings are possible throughout the year.





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