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In Seychelles, tensions are rising, anger is looming, India is insisting on the establishment of the military base in the Assumption Island

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Despite the banner of insubordination by Seychelles Street and the daily protests by the citizens against the black agreement between the ruling regime there in the capital Victoria and the Indian government to establish a military base in one of the most beautiful islands of the State of Seychelles, which is truly within the paradise islands, One of the world environmental sites registered in UNESCO within the most important parts of the world heritage ..

the government Seychelles seems to have forgotten to hear citizens’ protests to preserve the important environmental features of the Seychelles, as well as the burgeoning eco-tourism industry there and the civilized world.


As usual in all the countries of the modern world, the government is vague and does not respond to the questions of protesters and does not provide answers to the citizens on the agreement with India and the importance of that military base on Assumption Island ,


“The president of Seychelles responded to questions about the Indian military base yesterday,” Tuesday at the parliament was not clear … and vague, and did not convince the masses of angry citizens in the street about the fate of the paradise island ..


Some believe there is that important today If the Assumption Island Military Base is for Seychelles we do not need any agreement or lease document with India. We only need a proposal from India for what will be termed ‘foreign aid’ package.


Seychellois seamen are preparing a flotilla to sail to Assomption Island after the Indian military have landed to see what India will do.


If a ‘shoot on sight’ directive is given, Seychelles will move on a new path of its history where the paradise islands set free at Independence from Great Briain in 1976 will be no more.




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