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 Seychelles Tourism Board Office in Dubai Hosts Annual Iftar Event

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Dubai- The Seychelles Tourism Board office in Dubai hosted trade and media partners to its annual Iftar event on June 6, 2018.


The event held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai, was attended by some 50 representatives of various travel agencies and media companies that have close collaboration with STB.

This was an opportune moment for the trade and media partners to network and discuss ways that they can work better with the STB office to promote Seychelles in the Middle East region.


The STB Office in Dubai hosts the Iftar event annually during the Holy month of Ramadan in collaboration with local partners. This year it received the support of Air Seychelles, Constance Hotels and Resorts, Creole Travel Services, Eden Bleu Hotel, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, JA Resorts, Masons Travel, and Vision Voyages.


The Manager of the STB office in Dubai, Ahmed Fathallah, said: “We are truly elated with the response from this region. The continuous interest of the people from this region in the destination would not have been possible without the help of our trade and media partners. The Seychelles Tourism Board office in Dubai is always looking for ways to improve and bolster our relationship with our partners and this Iftar event, which we are aiming to organize annually helps us to reach our goal.”



“With the good attendance we had this year, we are looking forward to our next Iftar event. We are now in the process of preparing the planned marketing activities for the upcoming months especially the Eid and the summer break to attract holiday makers to the destination,” he added.


Five lucky attendees went away with a prize – a perfect tropical getaway to the Seychelles islands.


Seychelles remains one of the top of the mind destinations among holidaymakers in the Middle East, which is currently among the destination’s top 5 leading markets.


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