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Seychelles tourism looses one of its quiet achievers – Rene Michel

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Rene Michel passed away in the early morning of Saturday the 29th September aged 65. He is the man behind the Michel Holiday Apartments and also the Michel Villas of Les Mamelles of Mahe. He was also the partner of Philip Esparon in Mahe Cars (Car Hire company) and his Aqua Glass Company in partnership with Charles Pool was a supplier of locally made to measure fiberglass swimming pools and moulded plastic water tanks primarily for the tourism industry.

Rene Michel dedicated a lot of time as a committed Round Tabler in the Seychelles Round Table and for many years was in the Management Committee of the Seychelles Yacht Club. Rene took over the day to day management of Michel & Co. Ltd from his late father Louis Rene Michel and over the years oversaw the management of Michel Building in Victoria City Centre over and above the Apartments and Villas that are situated at Les Mamelles.

A sad loss for Seychelles Tourism. He leaves behind his wife Heather, daughter Amy and son Ben.

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