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Seychelles Islander leads the way in cruising the Indian Ocean



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Seychelles was created with sailors in mind” says the Tourism Board’s Copy Writer Glynn Burridge. Harold Stravens a Seychellois Islander is one who understood that it was important for Seychelles to appreciate what it has been blessed with and that their was no better way than to be on the sea in style.


His & Hers is a sleek and very fast boat that get from ‘point a to point b’ in record time and will take the breath away from anyone invited to share a day out with the islander Harold Stravens.


Mahe to North Island in just over 30 minutes is good going and allows anyone on board to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Seychelles.

Harold Stravens is one called a fanatic of bottom fishing and he speaks of his adventure when with a couple of friends they pulled in 92 big size Seychelles Red Snapper fish on a fishing trip.


His boat is well equipped for a private fishing trip and shows that islanders can also enjoy the pleasures of the fish-filled seas of Seychelles.

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