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Etihad Aviation Group Marks Zayed Humanitarian Day 2019









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 Local and Global Food Donations


Eid Gifts for Orphans and Labours



Abu Dhabi- Etihad Aviation Group has hosted a wide-range of charity and humanitarian activities to mark the Zayed Humanitarian Day, which falls on 24 May this year.



As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility’s (CSR) agenda, the airline has unfolded an array of food donations, charity activities and Eid gifts, reflecting the value of sharing during the Holy month of Ramadan and the Year of Tolerance. The programme includes both the United Arab Emirates and abroad, showcasing the airline’s commitment towards underprivileged communities around the world.



Khaled Al Mehairbi, Honorary Chairman of CSR Programme, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “We are delighted to mark Zayed Humanitarian Day with a variety of local andglobal initiatives, giving back to the communities we are serving. It builds on our commitment to promote Abu Dhabi’s image as   charity and humanitarian hub bringing smiles to everyone, especially people in need.



“We would like to thank our long-standing partners, the Office of H.H. Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, and the Emirates Red Crescent for their continuous support to make these initiatives possible.”



In line with its continuous commitment to share the blessing of Ramadan in the UAE, Etihad has separately treated 50 senior citizens and 50 orphans to a special iftar and surprise Eid gifts.



The team of Etihad Youth Council have welcomed the orphans
and elderly people in a family atmosphere.



The airline has also donated around 12,000 meals to labourers in Mussaffah throughout the Holy month and distributed Eid giveaways to 5,000 workers in Campco Village labour camp, Abu Dhabi.



Etihad also donated furniture items to families in need across Northern and Westerns regions of the UAE.



Not far from Abu Dhabi, Etihad has combined the spirits of Ramadan and Mecca by donating Ihram garments and amenity bags for 1,000 Umrah pilgrims, in collaboration with the Grace Conservation project of Emirates Red Crescent.



Etihad has also donated dry food parcels to 1,200 families and 600 orphans, invulnerable communities across India, spreading its charity footprint to one of its key markets.



Etihad Aviation Group has partnered with Emirates Red Crescent over several community projects to mark the Zayed Humanitarian Day, which is celebrated on the 19th day of Ramadan every year.




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