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Takamul- qualifies 10 citizens as international instructors for tourism guides

 Takamul- qualifies 10 citizens as international instructors for tourism guides






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News-  Ten Saudi citizens recently completed a training program for qualifying tourist guidance trainers and entered the list of "Internationally accredited Saudi instructors" to train career personnel in the field of tourism guidance, said Nasir bin Abdul Aziz Al Nashmi, Director General of the National Center for Tourism Human Resources Development (Takamul) in SCTH.



Al Nashmi said that, “Takamul” had organized a 12-days training program in Riyadh in cooperation with the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. 13 citizens had participated in the program and ten passed the final examination and got certified by the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations, approved by SCTH.  Thus enabling them to practice the training of tourist guides in the Kingdom.




He added that the program covered theory and practice where the candidates had visited several heritage places in the province, like the Bijairi neighborhood in Historic Diriayh and the National Museum in Riyadh.


Al Nashmi emphasized on the keenness of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTH and his attention towards qualifying the national cadres in order for them to lead the tourism training and education sector. He referred to SCTH President’s persistent directives for overcoming the obstacles that prevent the progress of such programs, due to his firm belief in the significant impact of these programs on the tourism development in the Kingdom.


“The program is aimed at introducing the participants on the training skills through reviewing the scientific concepts and the latest developments in this field,” he said.


For his part, Mohammad Al Gathmi, a trainee who passed the final exam, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the great role played by SCTH in investing in the human resources, who are the sons of the Kingdom, through training them and qualifying them in order to join the labor market.


Tourism guidance field will grow and evolve after the adoption of the economic transformation of Vision 2030 which was announced by the Government based on SCTH’s plans and program.


Al Gathmi commended the practical and scientific level of the program and said that the efficiency in the training process was associated with a set of important training elements like, the instructor, trainee, place of training, training content, training methods and the completeness of the system in the program that all led his team to success.


Trainee Ahmed Al Jeyaid, for his part commended the efforts of SCTH saying, “SCTH made special efforts in the development of the tourist guidance profession since it began licensing tourist guides in 2007, and established committee to organize and develop this activity until the issuance of the Royal Resolution for establishing the Saudi Tourist Guides Association.” 


He added, that SCTH’s efforts have remarkably contributed to the definition of the profession of tourist guides and youth’s turnout towards it.​




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