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Helpling’s Secret Tricks to Keep the Home Clean with Coffee

Helpling’s Secret Tricks to Keep the Home Clean with Coffee




ATP-  arab tourism portal- Believe it or not, coffee grounds can do more around your home than just wake you up in the morning ahead of a busy work day. Next time, you are enjoying a cup of homemade espresso, don’t get rid of your coffee grounds too quickly! The cleaning experts at Helpling ( have put together a list of tips and tricks spilling the beans on how you can utilise the end of that aromatic drink.

1. Hand Washing
Want to show off your cooking skills but don’t want your love of garlic lingering way after the meal on your fingers? Washing your hands with coffee grounds helps remove any odours and dirty spots!  That love of onion and garlic will from now on only be tasted in dishes not when you’re eating dessert or breakfast the next day.

2. Deodorising
Tried all those quirky lemon and vinegar remedies but still can’t get rid of that festy fridge odour? Here is a little tip to help refresh the smell of your refrigerator or any places that are not often aired. Simply place some coffee grounds in a cup and change it every 15 days.






3. Dishwashing
Cooking can be a dirty job, next time you’re scrubbing that stubborn piece of food that just doesn’t want to release contact on your dish, pot or pan get out the coffee grounds and use them as your secret degreaser. Just mix 2/3 teaspoons of coffee grounds with warm water and scrub the surface with a sponge or a soft brush to give those dirty pots and pans a refreshing clean. Also works well for a gentle scrub on your stove top.

4. Sink and Pipes Cleaning
Having a little trouble clearing a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink? Before you call a plumber, try cleaning it yourself. Simply mix and flush down some coffee grounds with hot water. It also neutralises odours!

5. Wood Repairing
During your last move did you scratch your floor or wooden furniture? Mix coffee grounds with warm water and let them soak in for a while and then gently rub the mixture over the scratches. Coffee stain fixes scuffs naturally,  apply as often as needed.

6. Fertilising
Looking for ways to boost your garden and compost? Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer. It can also be used as a natural repellent against ants, slugs and snails. Just spread the grounds at the foot of the plants, or dilute in water and spray directly to control bugs.

7. Flea Repellent for your Dog and Cat
As well as in the garden, coffee grounds are also a very good repellent against fleas. If you’re looking for a natural and cost effective solution in your pet’s fight against fleas, there is a solution for dogs and cats. For dogs grab a handful of coffee grounds with or without shampoo and apply on top of their fur coat. Your dog will be flea-free, and will absolutely appreciate your love of getting ‘dirty’.






For our kitty cats grab a glass of citrus fruit juice and blend in some coffee grounds. Place it near the border where your friend often heads out for adventures and bingo, you will no longer be bothered with what gets brought back hiding in its fur.







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