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Qatar Airways Hosts 25th Annual Audit Conference in Doha

Qatar Airways Hosts 25th Annual Audit Conference in Doha





aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- Qatar Airways hosted the 25th annual International Association of Airline Internal Auditors (IAAIA) conference which took place in Doha.


The audit conference, designed specifically for aviation professionals, drew delegates from more than 50 airlines around the world.Themed ‘The journey from conformance to performance’, the conference featured a variety of topics on airline auditing, with a focus on sustainable success.


Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker, addressed delegates who traveled to Qatar to attend the conference: "We are pleased to welcome all delegates to this special conference on auditing for the airline industry.


Implementing the finest auditing principles is integral to our multi-faceted business, and we are glad to have a dedicated forum in which to share best practice and elevate auditing methods.


" The three day conference included sessions about key emerging audit issues and trends, airline cost control and a holistic approach to airline risk management.




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