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جانبى طويل
جانبى طويل

Here are the Things you need to know about Eid in Azerbaijan

Here are the Things you need to know about Eid in Azerbaijan













aTP- Arab tourism portal News- As we get ready for the Eid Al Fitr, Azerbaijan too is getting ready for the important celebration . Because 96.9% of Azerbaijanis are Muslim, The country celebrates two Eid holidays in a year: Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha.


Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, as well as a great time where families spend time together, worshipping and exchanging gifts. In Azerbaijan, The day typically starts with morning prayers at home or at a nearby mosque.

And as the day progresses there is a lunchtime feast with friends and family to reflect upon the blessings of Allah during the month of Ramadan.

As also customary gestures, loved ones exchange gifts and even take the opportunity to do charity work together.

Why spend Eid in Azerbaijan?

The period comes alive in Azerbaijan compared to any other destination as families take over the city with fireworks displays, parades and traditional dance performances and all kinds of celebrations

1. It’s time for celebrating and Azerbaijani’s are famous for taking a celebration to a whole new level, especially with their amazing food.

There’s sharing of food among family and friends amidst cultural entertainment and joy and it all makes sense because after a whole month of fasting the celebration should center on food.

A local dish known as Plov, one of the most famous Azeri dish is usually the signature dish of the season. Plov features saffron-flavored rice, meat, onions, prunes, dry fruits, eggs, and fresh herbs cooked in 40 different styles.

Other dishes include Dolma, Qutab, Kabab/shashlik, Dovga, Kufta, Bozbash, Lavangi, Dushbara and sweets like Pakhlava and Shekerbura.

2. It’s a time for family festivities: Because strengthening family bonds is the number one priority for most Azerbaijanis, You’ll clearly enjoy a family inspired vacation in Azerbaijan. There’s excitement as the country creates spectacular family shows for locals and tourists.

There’s’ special performances, themed events and music concerts at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, you can also do excursions to the Gobustan National Park, Ateshgah or Yanardag.

Plus Gabaland is perfect for families who would love a mix of nature, wellness and entertainment in one spot.

3. There are great discounts for shoppers: We are all aware that Azerbaijan introduced Tax-Free shopping, a service that ensures full or partial refund of Value-Added Tax (VAT) paid on the purchase of goods by mainly tourists.

The tax-free is beside the flash sales and bargains in the luxury boutique shops and malls like the Port Baku Mall.

4. There’s plenty of things you can do in Azerbaijan. Looking at the amazing weather and nature of Azerbaijan one can really do a lot. This is beside the magnificent Heritage sites you could visit.

You can go to Gabala, and stay in one of their luxury wellness resorts (Chenot Palace), get pampered and feel like you went to a faraway exotic journey.

You can take your children to Shahdag, where there is an array of activities like bike riding, hiking, fishing and trekking that will keep them very busy over the holiday period.

You can go camping under stars and enjoy a barbecue in the bush with friends.

Eid is a family bonding and reflection time, taking a trip to Azerbaijan will not only open your eyes to Azerbaijani culture and diversity it will bring back your depleted energy and replenish your soul.

So start packing for a great Eid vacation in Azerbaijan.

We’re sure you’ll love everything Azerbaijani.



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