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A Sabre & Tnooz report into mobile’s end-to-end role in travel

 A Sabre & Tnooz report into mobile’s end-to-end role in travel




aTP-  Arab tourism portal News- Sabre, one of the leading global travel technology businesses, has worked with Tnooz to produce a free report which looks at some of the wider trends in mobile that have a direct connection with travel.


When the iPhone launched in 2007, not even the most committed Apple advocate could have predicted the impact the concept of the smartphone would have.





Fast forward to today and the devices have become widely adopted, with an estimated 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide.


The impact on travel has been seismic. As mobile continues to evolve, the travel industry is embracing these developments with more intent than most other verticals.





In a free report, some of the biggest brands in travel — Expedia, American Express Global Business Travel and Carlson Wagonlit — share some of their current and future thinking around mobile.


We also talk to a single-property luxury hotel business about how, in conjunction with Sabre, it has taken its business to the next level through a number of mobile-led initiatives.


Finally, some senior Sabre execs explain the high-level strategic thinking which is shaping the company’s approach to mobile, in the widest sense.





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