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TAT launches the ASEAN Pop Culture festival

TAT launches the ASEAN Pop Culture festival






aTP-  Arab tourism portal News – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is organising the ASEAN Pop Culture festival in response to the growing interest in the Southeast Asian region, which has impressive diversity in religion, culture and history.



Particularly for this event, the focus will be on a range of pop cultural events and activities from the five Mainland countries, namely CLMVT – Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.


The two-day event will feature a range of interesting events in six interesting zones. The ASEAN Pop Menu zone will highlight popular-modern dishes. The ASEAN Pop Gallery will exhibit masterpieces from leading artists.


The ASEAN Pop Market will offer CLMVT-style handmade items. The ASEAN Pop Theatre will showcase award-winning films. The ASEAN Pop Photo Corner will give visitors the chance to take pictures in a replica of local villages in CLMVT.


 Finally, the ASEAN Pop Active will provide a space for art aficionados to create art pieces in their own style.


In addition, there will be a host of unique cultural and contemporary performances by leading artists from CLMVT, including the Apsara dance from Cambodia, Dok Champa dance from Lao PDR, mask dance from Myanmar, umbrella dance from Vietnam, and angel dance from Thailand as well as mini concerts by leading Thai singers and bands.


The ASEAN Pop Culture festival will take place from 27-28 August, 2016, from 16.00 – 22.00 Hrs. daily at the Lanna Folklife Museum, Chiang Mai.



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